Friday, December 31, 2010


Your presence in my life tomorrow will be remembered as a new beginning of something new,
Why not if you just make me happy and being nice to me by giving me less probs,
And pleaseeee help me by erasing some hurtful memories,
But yeah, do keep some as I cannot move on with life without em....
Welcome 20-eleven ,bye-bye twenty-10!


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ok! Nicole Sherzinger memang nampak so deliciously tempting dlm music video heartbeat with Enrique Iglesias jejaka bunga!but thats not the point..the point is TBS will be operating this jan! Alhamdullillah..after 2months of training.. finally... my boss once said to me, bila terminal ni dah start operate..syifa u akan balik 10 mlm mcm tu, jgn harap balik tepat pukul 6 ya..nak2 ia akan beroperasi 24 hours. awl2 terkejut cuak semua ade, but actually I found it very challenging!so I gotta embrace it with style!experience bahh.. oh oh nak mengadu, I naik public tranport utk ke opis, I geram betul bila org tak pandai main lane kiri and kanan (STRICTLY FOR PEDESTRIAN ONLY)..especially escalator. I nak kejar masa ok! so bila dekat eskalator, for those yang tak join marathon pagi tolong2 la ke kiri.. bagi la lane kanan tu lancar.  so sempat lah I makan karipap besar RM 1 n pekena nescafe tarik kat opis. Ni x pasal2 I lambat sebab ada beberapa makhluk2 Allah yg suka berjalan pesen kura2 and block jalan.. please..I jenis memahami, pagi2 memang otak kita jalan pun ala2 catwalk..but utk opis yang jauh mcm kami.. kteorg dah kena maximize our speed ok! so peringatan utk semua termasuk I!ikutlah peraturan pejalan kaki..yang nak jalan lambat bagi lah jalan kepada pejalan cepat. sekian :) world peace!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bila Esok Datang Lagi...

Today is the second day.. I'm afraid I might collapsed. Will I be able to hold my strength and keep my perseverance to endure this journey or should I just declare and put my hands up saying this is ain't what I'm looking for, ain't my calling. 

Intermission: Ini lah fav saye kat opis! perisa original and vanilla are the bomb!

Blaming other people or being irresponsible are becoming a trend now. Whatever it is, I just hate the trendsetter!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life as in metaphore

"If life is only a riddle...we will find the answer once we solve the riddle
Once we solve the riddle, we'll get the answer and complete the riddle
The Search stops, We'll find another riddle to solve.."
*riddle is our normal daily probs
life is a riddle*

Something's wrong here.. because in reality, We don't even know when we can find the solution of our problem though..and the search is always continue and continue.. We don't find a riddle to solve, instead the riddle comes to us for us to solve.. Get it? urrgh..sorry another crap for another boring wednesday :) 

Just to update something: I just bought a cool flip flop and it's pink ! tu jer..toodles~
Ade lagi2, I think our economics' condition is not stable..mcm meng-heading ke arah to all, take this precaution.. berbelanjalah sehemah-hemahnya ok! maybe perang dingin antara Both Korea telah mule memberi effect kpd dunia..tet! betul2 toodles~


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello Everything!

cuz baby you're a firework, come on let your colours burst!

I stole this from katy perry's new song, firework. It really captivates my attention as it has a quite big impact in motivating me. So whenever u feel inferior, demotivated, or any other negativities remember these words and try to comprehend while exploring the colours in you ok? oh! btw actually this is not the  spotlight of this post, my real intention is to give a short summary about my life/feeling/view in recent. To be honest, I'll say I might miss a lot of updates here as I've been away for so long. Recently, I've been through a few transformation. Some are hurtful, some are...what I can call as Blessing from God. To be frank, I'll be thankful to God if I made mistakes or vice versa, cuz whatever result may I face is a life lesson that will be my map in the future apart from making me stronger and much much wiser. I just wish I could stay positive like this forever or maybe when forever is over, I just wish I would continue....... 

Sometimes being a decision maker is not hard, but most of the time.. yes! especially when it has too many good choices to offer. ARE YOU REGRET? this is not even a question kan? So what is it..? to me it is just a confirmation. 
before I end this..maybe you can start to make the crowd go oh oh :)


Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been awhile since I keep my mouth/head/hands shut off this blog. I still love telling stories but lately I must admit I've been such a bad writer. Due to the busy schedule of working and the extension of sleeping hours. So, I spend less hour in cyber world. So here I am again to give some updates about what happen recently in my life.
-I am so happy with work. I've got a lot of awesome/caring/happy-go-lucky friends. even I've lost one (in working place) but sue darling, ure always have a place in my heart :) goodluck in ur future undertakings
-as for other things, I can't elaborate here. It's too hard to explain. I don't like to play around. So take me seriously *tiba2 kan*
-Seriously need to do the S.O.P cepat2 as the due date is just around the corner. I love thinking but to do the typing, I need a typewriter! as a pioneer for the terminal we have to come up with our own fresh ideas. excites me!
-I hope Allah will grant my wishes and smoothen my journey. I'm so sorry for being such a bad slave. I know I am not good enough to ask anything from U.
-I miss my mom! And I got a news for her!

thats all folks! have a nice day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

my journey is not written to be yours

Something is missing. I just hope that I ll get my spirit back. Life is complicated at this time. But I'm sure and I know I'll get through.

yours sincerely,
Syifa Aziz

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hye!update ringkas! Saye kini telah memasuki new phase of my life atau lebih tepat lagi, telah memasuki tempoh pra-matang dlm hidup saye. Alhamdullillah, After completing my degree in International Economics for 3 years in UKM I finally got appointed as a customer service Executive by Maju holdings. I will work at TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) at Bandar Tasik Selatan. InshaAllah this terminal will operate by this month. Yesterday was a pre-launch by minister, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and on the 17th if im not mistaken, PM himself will officiate the building! best gak tgk launching melibatkan org2 besar/VVIP nie. I learned about protocols walaupun x byk. Tapi yg bestnye, I am so proud of working with the 1st bus terminal yg high-tech mcm nie! terminal pun dah mcm airport dah! bayangkan ade 6 levels, 55 bus platforms, 1800 seats, 55 ruang tempat taxi for long distance and 1000 tempat parking! and yg paling saye suke, ia bersifat mesra OKU! so at ITT, OKU is provided with many facilities. Saye juge sbg seorg CS di situ is willing to serve my bestest best to give our customer a maximum satisfaction! So jgn panik if was-was nak beli ticket or tak jumpe toilet or many2 more masalah boleh dtg ke pejabat CS yg berada di tingkat 2. okie itu shj serba sedikit about ape yg berlaku recently. OH oh tadi kami telah diberi training mengenai bagaimana utk mengendalikan mesin jualan ticket di sana. Very friendly-user. ala2 facebook je! yg best part is, customer sendiri boleh buat tempahan ticket sendiri melalui kaunter ticket (POS-point of selling), kiosk ticket atau secara online. Banyak pilihan kan? ape2 pun do visit the terminal once it officially operate in order to explore and experience ape yg  I merepek nie okie! ;P toodioos! 


Sunday, September 26, 2010

You'll Always Find A way Back Home!

Alhamdullillah~ This week has been so great as it filled with some wonderful stories! Last week was totally cacat for me. Please refer to the previous entry for reference. It tells perfectly, ain't it? so let me begin my journey for this week.. Thoroughly! jump to the next point!
  • My big bro is in town! Even for awhile but I feel like it's not palely wasted like before.We spent so much time and do things together. I've joined a business with him and what can I say, it's profitable (for hardworking-practitioner) and educational. The best part is, anyone can join! even kau bukan anak Datuk Hamid! wow kan?
  • Then then.. I went for an interview with one company (Tibe2 P&C ape cer beb) and I got hired. Alhamdullillah~ I feel so grateful and excited! It's not easy to get a job. I was jobless for almost 5 months. kalau mengandung, perut pun dah besar. The best part is, the job suits me well.The keys are never give up and believe in the power of berdoa. Insha Allah..
  • This is sooo my personal fav! my bro and two of our friends (Wan & Tasya) go balik kampung with us. The journey took about 5-6 hours. We set up a rule that no one can sleep. To make it fair. So in order to kill the sleepiness, we turned on the music loudly and start singing. The cool part is, it was a CD that full of Bieber's song.Add-info: My hometown never puts me down, always outreach my expectations!
  • My bro and I went ziarah all over Kelantan. Best giler!I learned about Kelantanese a lot. Such as the culture and bahasa. Not to forget the food! The best part is We have the chance to meet our family back there. We haven't met for so long. like 5 years! It's like now, I have more hormones compare to the last trip!=D
  • I feel dihargai. They treat us very well. I miss my Kelantan-side family actually. I hope we can still bonding well even time has puts gap on us.  Some of my cousins are really smart! they do make me proud. 
  • Last but not least, I'm grateful to be given this opportunity by Allah Maha Besar. Great things happen for those who wait. I always comfort myself with this quote. I know it is actually can be true!
  • Seriously need to put off weight. Balik kampung2x -__-
Before signing off: I'm so excited yet nervous for this 1st oct. I hope everything will be fine and go smoothly. Please.. make me love my job.. please 100x. amin~ kissing off! DaaAaa~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The hatred day!

Today is the H-day for me after mengalami kemarahan terkumpul sejak beberapa tahun/bulan/hari yang lepas! I seldom post entry yang melibatkan marah and marah. But today I don't care what'll happen saye nak post juge! Step yang pertame untuk meraikan perasaan marah/sugul ini ialah dengan mentaip besar-besar ape yang saye benci and jerit dalam hati sekuat-kuatnye sbb you don't wanna awake your brother yang letih. Nanti kena marah. So step one activated,  I hate ORANG YANG PILIH BULU! they just put me on my nerve. If tumbuk orang is legal I will punch this kinda person straight on their plastic faces! I know it wouldn't hurt much cuz they come from special materials which is PLASTIC! Kadang-kadang orang macam ni bukan kacau orang lain pun but their annoyance tu sangat mengganggu! and menambah-nambah dosa manusia yang tak sekutu ngan diorg ni. THEY MAKE ME WANNA CURSE BAD WORDS.I mean REALLY-REALLY BAD! Tell this people what, people comes in various packages. Just accept them the way they are la! I mean like in-born traits. Kalau 'junkies' kau tak nak pun tak pe. I understand. Sila lah berubah. As a friend, terase wor bila lu cari gua when ade something je. Bila takde, balas wallpost susah. (memang nak bagi hint pun). kalau msg tu saye phm la awk kedekut ke abis cdt kan? To me you're not even a friend pun and not qualified to be one!I just hope these people'll change la. Your idiotic in Public Relations got my concern and sympathy. If you don't wanna change ke ape, tak pe thats hak asasi. Just don't appear in front of my eyes and disappear from my life okie. PEACE ^^

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hye hye hello hello bye bye! finally I started bermonologue again. Jarang-jarang berlaku nowadays. Actually, It feels much much better to have this inner voice while writing/posting. To cut it short (tibe-tibe kan) actually today I have no story, admirations or tips to share just another pale post sempena Syawal a.k.a Lebaran. The last post I said I wasn't feel any excitement kan? but it happened the other way around now. I was surprised myself too! I quite enjoy this Raya even angpau makin in tenat situation. But I'm glad, that I'm still alive and be able to eat rendang, to share laughters with my mom and performed Eid-ul Fitr Prayers. I pick a random theme for raya tahun ini called 'Amazing-Raya'.  Everything is going well and pretty til today :) I also managed to go beraya to several houses even though my aunty and uncle aren't here (they beraya di Mekah). I try to make a full use of this hols before I really2 start working. Oh dear, I can't imagine my life in KL as soon as I landed there. Being a grownup giving me so much ache in the head. Eventhough I have the power to control my life, but still.. power doesn't guarantee u a happiness.. well well!

"Ya Allah, smoothen my journey, protect and guide me to the right path. Amin"~ ok Raya ke 4! can't wait for u! =D


Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't feel any excitement for the coming Hari Raya. What I know is, Syawal is coming 
& Ramadhan is leaving.

I miss the old times,
Time just wont let me be 14 again

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thats why AAR says I wanna2 more than 10 times

Gambar#1:Leica black gold yg oh-so-melting-me
(sekadar gambar hiasan)

You look into my eyes 

I go out of my mind 
I can't see anything 
Cos this love's got me blind 
I can't help myself 
I can't break the spell 
I can't even try 

I'm in over my head 
You got under skin 
I got no strength at all 
In the state that I'm in 

And my knees are weak 
And my mouth can't speak 
Fell too far this time

p.s- I never liked any camera like i adore this one. I can't get rid of your angelic figure in my mind. is this love? crazy. (mintak2 tak ade sape phm)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Harini hari Sabtu, I thought it was Friday. I felt pelik when kereta banyak and all. I asked my mom, why eh? cuz it's saturday. Hurgh.. Perhaps I am too preoccupied thinking about Raya and beyond. Besides I ve been thinking of doing myself a makeover. I need to change my style for once. Maybe Some says, Fashion come and go but style stays forever . To be honest I've been stuck with myself since I was a kid. A girl with fringe. I am too scared to change my style. It's like my comfort zone. No kidding yaw! see picture below: kan?

So after doing some findings, I found this! she's hot like a claypot! presenting cheryl cole
VERDICT-What i like about her is the make up. Fresh gile. she's using bronze colour just like beyonce does and her blusher , it's orangey and looks natural. Eye make up pun nice. Smokey eyes never goes out of trend! Fresh citrus style. i loike!Her hair is quite messy here but still gorgeous. She's so barbie-ish!
Bukan itu shj malah make up ini sesuai dgn baju raya saye! yes! strike 1! 

*Selain itu saye juge suke make up kardashians, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff, Leighton Meister and Paris Hilton.  Go check em out alright! taadaa~ happy berpuasa yg ke 18! (=

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Salam and greetings to the world citizen! Happy thursday everyone! Tajuk kali ni adelah bersifat sedikit sarcasm. But not referring to any praticular person but myself. Actually currently I tak ada minat terbaru or experiencing something extra-ordinary so less story to share. And highlights pun da cerita smlm. Meaning, this blog akan back to format journal harian @ diari. How boring syifaaa~...yes! sorry but I do not care (campak botol byk2)


Today is our 2nd day of fasting. My sahur for today- nasi with ikan merah (maybe sambal kot) and some cekodoks for desserts.  Drinks same as yesterday. My resolution for this month is I wanna be a better slave,daughter, Friend, Stranger @ any form I could be. So tell me whats yours..?

By the end of this month I will list down my achievement based on my resolution. I think it's helping in order to improve whats need to be fixed. what I really want to improve the most is to be more considerate towards others. It seems easy but its hard to be executed. 2ndly, I wanna be more matured. I can't never measure my maturity level but one of the ways to scale it is by my doings (the way I think, the way I react to something and how I solve my probs). 

Every people should have at least one resolution. or kita panggil goal. So we know what to do in order to reach our mission in life. Mission is important because it is just like our map. So everything we do, we'll do something that finally lead to the path, to get nearer to the mission. Jelas kan kepentingan misi and azam? oh btw my long term mission is to have a good career and to successfully nail it! (like at least one achievement yang boleh dibanggakan or something similar to that) :D
-Actually this is just peringatan utk diri  sendiri on why on earth I should create those goals. haishh.. ingat syifa ingat ni!-

Ok today my diary is majorly about my resolution for Ramadhan. (Minorly about sahur menu) - . -' . tomorrow InshaAllah I'll write another entry to kill time sbb I got simptom tak dpt tidur after subuh. I don't know what topic to talk about tomorrow. Mintak maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung jari kaki for merepek di pagi puasa ini :) Salam.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Selamat Pagi! I just had my sahur..I ate a mexican bun and a bit of cereal..mcm coco krunch cuma ia buatan Msia. Brand tak penting, janji ia sedap, murah dan dalam ekonomi pack (800g). Kemudian saye meminum nescafe and setengah botol kecil air masak. Today would be our 1st day of Ramadhan. If berkesempatan, InshaAllah I will do the countdown here on my blog sehingga berjumpa Syawal. Lame jugak saye x angelly touch this blog due to some circumstances such as pack schedule (ye ye je) and connection problem but most of all, saye dah lame x bermonolog dalam hati mcm dulu2. After quite some time leaving ENERGY alone, there were so many great things happened/occured in my life. Sbb so many great things, Saye kena pick yg sesuai utk dikongsi dengan segenap lapisan masyarakat. iaitu:

1) Saye konvo ahad lepas! (8 aug, 2010). I'm so happy that some of my friends and family successfully made it that day. Hari tersebut menjadi bertambah berseri2 dgn kehadiran (dan hadiah2) mereka!  I love uolz!

2) I joined this training..called CATT training under MOHE. It was awesome and whacked! saye suke trainers and trainees, activities, rules..kesemua2nya.. xdpt nak huraikan one by If u are IPTA products of 2009/2010 do enrol ok. discover yourself through this whole 5days journey!

Dear Ya Almighty,
You give me failures to test me, To strenghten my faith in myself and to be strong. I believe You have a tremendous plan for me. So I hereby asking myself, don't give up. Ya Allah, please granted the prayers of hamba yang hina ini . amin~

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Nothing much to say, lately I silently learn a few things about I don't know how to say it specifically.. maybe I could label it as life. 
*I am a fighter but a fighter who always malas to fight and that makes me angkat bendera putih really soon. I'm grateful that I have someone who has succesfully escalates my spirit back and makes me fight til the end. Thanks for that. Profusely :)
*Selain itu, I learn about my previous sins. (HAHA) sorry, eventhough it's not funny but i found it pretty amusing. I wish I didn't do that and I really hope I could fix some people's heart back. But I know, As we already move on, we create new chapters of life. And that makes me more concern about that new story, so I could be there to prevent that thing to happen again. I am happy enough if I could help :)
*I am back to be a good friend and a good listener. 
*I learn people's types in the world and try to menguasai every each one of the character.
*I learn about myself. The true colour of myself. and the music that I really2 love.
*I promise not to easily giving up and give myself more chance. Not to forget to continue learning.
*I just want to make her proud. To u mom, yes :)

a boring note, just a thought..maybe some! blindfolded us..marriage is a real an eye opener. Why? because we already know our spouse really2 well. No excitement, sparks and no mystery anymore. Sometimes, we can even read whats on their mind and we can even tell @ understand perfectly when our partner use double meaning word or every meaning behind their acts and habits. People tend to say love can be so boring. Thats how that boring term exists. Once a married couple start a family, in the beginning of their journey is still fill with love (and lust) but as time passes by a married couple only engage/ attach with one another because of one thing, Responsibilities. The kids they have together. Life is not about themselves anymore. Their world is revolves around kids, Career, finance, warry, security, bills and many more. Lose focus on their relationship. Fade away. How stressful life could be? thats why they come up with the solution. Marriage couple treatment-through counselling, relationship-reinforcement activities etc. For married couple, they'd been so in love before they got married, they had too much love in the beginning, it's not impossible to re-do it all over again. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

L is unpredictable. If you can't take the riddle then just leave the puzzle. heart says.

Today I feel like I am 16 again. I pretend to be what I'm not. But as a human being, I can't never like what I dislike or dislike what I like. So there u go, the unsolved problems. I keep arguing, But I don't know. who am I trying to convince.Is it the other party? or myself. 

Today I comfort myself by telling my decisions are right. every decision I made is right. But why I always feel skeptical about it. Why I need explainations for every act I take. Love isn't easy. No one tells that. So, every single "isn't easy" thing needs sacrifice and you have to fight for it. Never give up. 

Love made some people no human. Jealousy, greedy, ungrateful, rivalry, self-centred etc. cuz love has no training. Love is only a feeling. Feeling that controls by heart, minorly.. mind. Again, Am I talking about myself.. Or did I just rephrase some magazines' quotes?

Heartbroken. The next day I know, I'm composing a song. spontaneously, If a song you made because you're broken-hearted, means you already a pieces. fall apart. Re-again, what song I sang just now?

Love should make oneself feels secure. securely positioned. But what happens if everyday is another race and worries? 

last but not least, I'm not an expert. been there.
if love has no end, then how could the lovers end?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why must people come and they'll go? [and some lessons]

Gosh!I lead an unorganized life once again is it hard for me to live without a family here.. or maybe I am too family oriented person? alone and loneliness once they come..why they'll stop by lama2? why can't they just leave sooner.. like happiness and laughters always do? [sometimes loneliness is more loyal companion than laughters and joy]

Dear Lie, 

Please persuade her not to cry, Tell her everything that'll pleases her ears. Convince her that everything's gonna be okay. [sometimes lies comfort us effectively and much better than the truth does]

We always have a bad perception towards negativity. everything we believe or make believe we must balance it. Practice mediocrity. Do you believe that someone with an abundance of confidence in something they love doing, they can fall into pieces if they fail 'em? Open your mind. Think in both sides. Ups and downs. the front and the back. outside and inside. human, we are flexible :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


First and foremost, forgive me for being such a typical young woman who still cannot live in merely real world.  I enjoy being in this..just like in high school when my girlfrens and I always busy talking about each other's crush on hollywood star or football player and exchanged stories like nobody's bussiness. Yesterday I watched this romantic movie called Dear John, it adapted from a novel written by a well known author Nicholas Sparks. To be frank, it brings back all the memories I've had in highschool. I still can't get over that movie and the actors too! Tatum and Seyfried! I wish I had Tatum's abs and Seyfried's perfect glowing hair and skin (plus her big eyes too).  Another wish is to gather all my geng form 2 amal, (Back in form 2) and talk about this movie all day long. Just like we did after watching A walk To Remember. We all felt excited and repeat the HIGHTLIGHTED dialogue over and over again. Ok! I can't stop grinning now!Someone please do the honour , de-grin me!

 You gotta watch this movie in order to know how sweet this movie is! But every movie has its pros and cons. To me the cons would be, the typical romantic movie and the dialogue too. Its like a recycle of love quotes or something. But I still love it! I dont care. Like who cares! I'm still drown away by this movie. So dont say anything!

Last but not least, I really love the idea of having a specific menu on a specific day like monday- lasagna , tues- meatloaf and bla bla. So senang and organize! (ok good guess, its from the movie too..haihh). thats all for today's crap. outtie!

John nak pinjam bahu boleh!
Savannah nak pinjam rambut boleh!
*the actors*


Saturday, June 19, 2010


I used to dream of being a millionaire without a care. But if it wasn't for my love ones, Maybe I wouldn't even care about being one or chase after my dreams or even force myself to finish college. I believe everything I do, I do it cause I wanna share 'em with those people I care. Without them , my whole life means nothing. EMPTY.  I always forget how to appreciate, now I'm learning to cherish them every second. Cuz once they gone, You never know, will they ever come back.  'Whats the point of having everything', might question yourself.

Friday, June 18, 2010

23 things

First and foremost thanks to cik bume yang sudi tag saye.. U're soO mean and the best! tanpa melengahkan mase saye ingin memulakan majlis dgn menjawab 23 pasal diri saye..ini ape yg saye kalau korang rase cam bercanggah..sile senyap! OK start!

1. Name betul saye ade 1 but name tipu ade banyak. kawan2 byk call me Pha, Syifa (of course) , Bear, P, Cubi. But family saye biasenye call me Tatan, adek or Intan. Paling saye suke of course SYIFA. 

2. Intan ni arwah nenek (tok mak) saye yg bagi.  She liked that name a lot. So memandangkan Saye cucu pertame perempuan, So Jadi la name timang2 tinggi I. 

3. Anak Bongsu and saye ade abg besar. 

4. Abg besar saye betul2 setahun lebih tua dari saye sbb birthday kami same!

5. Saye adelah seorang Jamadilakhir /LEO/bertahun Naga/Aug.

6.  Saye rimas dgn org pengotor dan x kemas brg elok2. Contohnye lepas minum letak atas meja instead of basuh or Balik rumah letak beg sepah2 instead of simpan kat tempat sepatutnye. Tolong buat bende tu semua on the spot!

7. Allergic to dust. Kalau dust x wujud kan bagus atau ade invention such as Dust-proof. mmg I beli!

8. Saye suke pegi mall utk sight seeing and bukan shopping. Dan saye suke perjalanan jauh kalau naik kereta sbb I simply love sleeping in the car!

9. I shop when needed. Kalau ade duit pun saye x shopping sbb saye cam x tau nak bli ape. mmg bukan shop-wise! but I love beli groceries and saye byk invest duit on food/beverages

10. I think I'm fussy. 

11. Always mistaken by people as someone who talks a lot all the time. yes! I'm a chatter but only to certain people at certain times. When letih/X ada mood/ xsuke org.. I will shut up like nobody business!

12. My voice sounds childish, people will stare at me once I talk if they meet me for the 1st time. Dulu mmg jatuh self esteem but now, Da biase..Kdg2 xpasan pun until my mom told me :)

13. Kadang2 saye rase saye mcm pompuan lemah lembut. Sbb saye tak tgk bola, xsuke ESPN, saye x pndai drive manual sbb takut, etc. But saye pun ade boy side mcm saye rase saye kuat physically krn saye boleh tolak almari besar, angkat katil sorg2 (ikot berat), buat kerja2 laki mcm panjat tangga betulkan lampu, boleh tarik teh mcm mamak, etc. I guess that makes me normal :)

14. No one can force me to stop what I want to do or buy :P

15. Saye tak suke tgk cerita yg memerlukan saye mengguna emosi yang berlebihan..mcm cerita sedih..Sbb saye .. Just don't like it

16. Saye suke cakap cepat2 kadang2 dalam satu nafas je.

17.  I love making my own decision. People can say their point of view to me as reference. But the one who decide would be me. My mom train me to be that way. So saye x kan ubah.

18. Most of my Friends said that I can get along with many people.. But the truth is..Only certain very little people I can fit myself with. Trust me!

19.  Saye tak suke procastinate!

20. Saye tak suke show my real feeling or sometimes I just forgot how to do that. But doesn't mean saye hipokrit. I feel comfy doing that.

21. I'm a movie-buff!

22. I feel awkward at times

23.  Tgk balik no 20.. Ok dah.. pastu saye sebenarnye mmg xsuke cakap feeling I tapi I x pandai sorok guna muke, If I dislike things I would show it on my face. I couldn't help it. so eventually org akan tau ape saye rase. aicch!

 Last but not least, Kene tag 3 org.. but I decide to  open tag. so sape2 nak buat, sile sile okie!
thanks for the time kawan2 ;p

Thursday, June 17, 2010


WhaSsuppp with the smiley face anyway.. haihh~ just to add some spice to make it even more controversial sebenarnyee... This story maybe better left unsaid but I can never keep it to myself cuz it just my nature to share. Sharing something appropriate  (or maybe sometimes not that appropriate) is my policy *shake hands*  eherm is so awful! Gosh awful or unlucky..I can't even decide which one is the best to label today! below are the ingredients of my dipsh** day. I know unappropriate need to be censored.  Don't worry, it just a candy-brand... kot?

1) I fast today (puasa ganti) because Ramadhan just around the corner, which is a really good start la kan..Maybe somebody threw a prank to me after I berbuka..Cuz my nightmare began after I finish eating nasi with sardin with sayur with telur dadar with bla bla and blaahh blooohh (the list goes on and on). ok tak penting, the main story is.. After makan besar itu berakhir..I was craving for mocha. this is how we roll..jump to no 2.

2) Jump! Mocha home made it is! because so mlm already nak keluar to get the blended one. I made it by myself for optimum satisfactionary sake and sbb saye terer. But it end up.. just say.. not happily ever after. I was so gopoh/kalut in utara. So after masuk choc powder and a lil bit of coffee powder to get that kick-a** taste.. i termasukkan garam accidentally..I thought it was sugar. my mom put both of the items nearby to each other. I got this is how we roll! I drank and menuju ke sink to buang some leftover in my mouth..the taste was EWW! kaallaahh air laut uuuu!! luckily x puke..syg nasi mkn tadik!

3) After getting some rest of poisoning myself tadi..I tetibe crave for chocs..dark chocs to be precise that I bought 4/5days ago.. I browse through the fridge and I found none! nothing! sh** somebody must be a choc-thief! I x kedekut..But do ask me if u want anything..I wont say no worries (maybe I would, depends) please! geesh! now kempunan already.. Luckily my aunt punya ada..but white choc la..which is so not my cup of tea..I know who stole my dark chocs! nasibaik bukan family member! darn u budak!

4) I got a major sorethroat now..So everything I eat become less tasty. I didn't enjoy eating just now. Saye suke makan..ok, who doesn't kan?  I am a chatter box by nature! Now everytime I speak, I hurt my throat, so I prefer to silent myself. But.. yah, I am tired to shut the f*** up already. I need to hurts! still! aisssshhh! I can't even raise my voice up to 4 Desible! :(

5) My looney retarded cousin left the house for KL today. Only by Tues she' ll be back..To be honest, I ve lost it..tak ada org nak cari 'snow' in my hair, play top white head search on my cheeks and the area berkaitan or a laughing partner while watching annoying orange! and many more :( 

6) Gloominess goes really smooth! until now apabila my stomach is grumbling and unhappy..Maybe I ate cut chillies inside the sardines mom cooks for me. But nvm, berkat bahh! So that how the story goes..Isn't a bad day after all.. I just exaggerate! teeehee :D thanks for your time reading this. well spent huh? **

Later I' ll update some tagging Ive got from my frens. Saba ye cik Bume and Linda. flying kisses!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I wish everytime I opened my eyes, I don't have to think about those 'disturbing' things. I wish I could just breathe at ease and live happily without fear like most of my peers do. I know, I should've be more grateful, I wish I had more strenght to endure this uninvited thoughts and situations. It's hard to feel worry everyday, to play a big sister's role all the time and pretend like you are strong/matured enough when in reality u still a girl who still needs protection and fear of loneliness. Seems like I need to discard all the desires. Cause I wasn't made for that. My purpose in life.. the 'preparations' I've through.. to make myself ready in the future. God-creation with special qualities. Just like any other human-beings.. we are made for what we are meant to be or serve in the world (minus those jerks). I love my family. All I wanna do is protect them. I try my best to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. Ya Almighty, please assist and guide me. Don't let me shed another unnecessary tears anymore.. Please..I beg for your mercy..Ya Allah. Amin Ya rabbal Alamin ~



Sunday, June 6, 2010


Kini, lokasi saya adelah di Sarawak utk berholiday selepas penat bergelumang dalam dunia pelajaran. Disebabkan kekurangan aktiviti dan cousin saye berade di Jakarta saye terpakse memenuhi mase lapang dengan aktiviti sehat. I was toss and turn the whole day thinking of what should I do to keep myself tibe2 rase nak pegi jogging. Setelah sekian lame meninggalkan arena ekstrim itu akhirnye, saye menceburkan diri selama beberapa mins. maybe dlm 30 mins kerane berlakunye komplikasi pernafasan dan kekurangan stamina [plus malas]. 

      I thought saye da mulekan hidup sehat start petang tadi..dah tu balik, tibe2 perot jadi lapa dari luar biase.. lapa mcm tak mkn dari pagi.. oleh itu, tanggungjawab perlu dijalankan..saye pun mkn kek lapis, kek coklat, garlic bread dan roti hotdog dari Taka yg gebu dan lembut .. and di akhiri dengan minuman toksah di kabo kan..jumlah kalori nak dekat same ngn burger kot.. air cadbury choc plus susu tepung I mix dengan hazelnut white coffee sket.. Bisikan nafsu telah menjadikan saye sgt semangat utk melahap kesemuanye.. so I came up with conclusion, jog akan membuatkan saye lagi byk mkn..I am not sure about others..but it always happened to me, Based on true story and observations berperingkat. Y larrrrrrrrrrr~~~!!! kini saye berase mual..BHAAA~~~~

I hope tomorrow will be better and BETTER! of course..better activities!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Tuesday, June 1, 2010


     Lately, I missed updating some highlighties whats happening in/outta my life. In fact, I had abandon this blog for a few days. Life is preoccupied once again. With activities and some visits to a new place like I-city and  the place I've been before like melaka the historical city. I supposed, I've had  a REAL weekend after all *heart smile*

    The perfect ambience today, is the push for me to start writing again.  The soothing atmosphere at last has arrived, the ambience that I've been seeking for a few months ago. Just now, I met my supervisor to hand-in my completed-thesis and I thought I would be happy/cock-a-hoopy or stuff like that, But I feel so sugul. In fact, knowing that the last goodbye I pronouced to him just now.. Was the real goodbye afterall. My supervisor never been that chatty before as he was just now..I felt welcomed and dihargai. yup! he gave the sweetest smile when I said, ok prof bagi grade cantik2 tau.. (salam-muslim greets another muslim not shaking hands la) and waving goodbyes (me closing his door neatly and leaving Econs department ASAP).

    on my way down to the next destination, I kept thinking about my supervisor and his weird act. It saddens me because..I don't know.. no one really2 knows when they get upset. It could be hormones-confusion or situation-complication. Now, I am all alone in my room, typing, composing and reminiscing switchingly..struggling hard to define my feelings and put it into a perfect sentence.  not to forget counting down the days for me to go visit my mom and bro in Meow city. Hope everything is as perfect as planned. Sooner or later, we shall know.

It's me wearing a free cap by ayam A1 and a shirt my cousin gave to me and a jusco-go green- bag.. and a sg wang sunnies.. now who cares about Xtian leboutin shoes, Louis vuitton purse or Prada apparel and maybe sunnies by gucci? still can count me in!! teeheee.. Some people might wear those to feel superior..I'm just saying :)  KISS AND TWIRL!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hah! sebab awk la saye tdo pon ingt awk, mimpi pon awk jadi watak utama, jalan2 dok terngiang2 nama awk
awk la thesis saye 
(ini adalah draft thesis saye yg kene reject, byk gak pokok kne tebang disebabkan perkare tersebut)

After been in such a  whole tiring few months, I finally managed to get my self out from cengkaman thesis. After quiet several of rejection, I finally got accepted. Thanks to my beloved lecturer/ supervisor for never ever give up on me. I know I did mess up here and everywhere. But what he did, was just throw his smile and laugh at my loqlaq-ness and corrected it until it comes to near perfection. Today, this morning, I got the feedback that I long for, He said those keramat words that made my day! I was happy as  happy meal that got me singing along the journey to bustop sbb tgh dgr ipod and lagu kegemaran tgh bermain utk balik ke kolej. and yes, he accepted it and said awk da boleh jilid! yayyyyy!

     Ucapan penghargaan yg standart VVIP starts here!- ape2 pon saya nak ckp thanks kat mama saya yg tak tdo lena dek aduan saye yg macam2 nie.. sakit blakang la, demam kecil-kecilan la, kaki denyut2, kepale kebas la spjg membuat thesis etc..anak pompuan sorg mcm berpuluh2 kan mama..sorry ye! I love u my greatest love! and to all my friends yg terpakse bersaba tgk status2 pangkat annoying kat Fb berkenaan tesis..mesti korg ade ckp camnie ' lain wat tesis juge, x rioh sekampung cam ko pun..hek eleh.. ' biase la.. saye nie terikot cara ayam.. aym dpt telur satu..da 'ko ko ko' satu kmpung.. But anyway thank you (s) sgt! especially to those who taught me mcm2 berkenaan statistics, teman saye kat library (U know who u are) and ajar edit tesis ikot gaya UKM. Janji kamu menyusahkan idup saye edit-editan oi!

      Last but not least, To encik hearbeat..thanks and sorry terpakse dgr bebelan saye sepanjang 4 bulan. bebel yg x bebel sgt actually more to keluh kesahan.. saba yek.. thanks for everything! *heart smiles* ok oleh itu, dgn officially nyaa.. I am no longer a UKM student and berstatus penganggur! I must say, being a student is the most I miss! Title student.. contains LOTsa meaningful memories :)

Randomnization (ayt baru wujud 3 mins tadi) - It doesn't matter how it starts, cuz whats important, how it ended.. kan kan..mcm no gak 000123 .. yg signifikan ialah 123..but kalau 123000.. haaa! kan best kalau angka nie ade dlm bank kite! ye tak ye kan.. ok, silalah menabung! tibe2 out of topic..before that enjoy this

ok bye!I need to take some movies from my fren. tgk cte hindustan br hype! kan.. kot.. ntah

Sunday, May 23, 2010


1) Ahad da mencerminkan (al-HAD) mari kita bereHAD/t!! which also means HAD of the week. Indirectly spoken, we need to rest. Sbb nati monday, we need to get back on track..yes, org bekerja in particular.

2) Tadi tibe2 bangun saye mendapati suhu badan menjadi x normal. so I conclude that today saye demam kecil-kecilan and its time to take 5 from hustle bustle of thesis .. Now I know penangan tdo lambat and kesan stress terhadap tahap sistem imunisasi diri [ mcm tajuk tesis u]

3) Sejak mengambil ekonomi sbg platform hidup saye, sedikit sbyk it changed my nature. I become more analytical. especially the way I think. I tend to think about something in more depth and breadth point of view. hasilnya, saye berfikiran kompleks and sometimes rase otak tersimpul and trus lost..BHAAAAA

4) Sambungan no 3, pastu saye rasa saye ni weirdo.. bila saye ckp, saye akan berfikir dulu abstrak2nye dlm kepale.. mase high school abstrak saye dlm bntuk normal word, now sume dlm persamaan..equation! So kadang2 agak sukar nak phm ape yg saye smpikan. no one to blame..cuz I don't understand myself too sometimes. once again.. rmi2 jom! BHAAAA

5) Saye suke random thoughts, Sbb it helps my brain to exercise, But consequently I cannot stop thinking about that thoughts. yg tu x best, sbb nati kepale berdenyut2 dok pk punya pasai. contohnye, I once terbace quote by Einstein saying.. The Hardest Thing In the World To Understand is the income tax. yeeeer..janji sampai skang I dok pulun think about the meaning. Maybe I could be the word analyzer!

and...I don't comprehend my real objective of making this entry look like a Powerpoint or something instead of put it in a paragraph like I always do.. ok tu je.. time to rest til tomorrow Approaches! 

before that, ade ke org phm maksud, Don't look at something from the mirror, Cuz In reality.. it is nothing like that.. I know..not! BHAAAA...

Saturday, May 22, 2010


First and foremost, thanks to cik Huda yang x pernah jemu tag saye!  *Bowing* Basically, this interview is all about your/my/we/siape2 la punye plan for wedding..ala2 interview majalah Wanita gituzz! Ape2pun saye sgt terhibur menjawab soklan di bwh ni (ok x jwb lagi da tahu, mmg x logik) AYUH!

1. How old are you?
17 years old, 5 years ago

2. Are you single?
single but not available (not married yet)

3. In what age do you think you’ll get married?
26 < years < 30, but if let say jodoh meets me sooner,lagi yay!

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
InshaAllah, Please amin and doakan ok

. If not, who do you want to marry?
mm..Robert Downey Jr. la kalau camtu 

6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?

Traditional, baru rase kahwinn!

7. Your ideal motif?
Garden boleh pegi selalu, even sblh midvalley pun ade.. if beach, better snorkelling tak pyh traditional won!

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
kampung saye kat Rome!

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
i think around 500 kat ats, x pndai budget pulak tang nie

10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
Nak extra-large-vagant boleh?

11. Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own?
Tgk tema kahwin kita camne..nati kita jwb yg nie KIV dulu

12. How many layers of cake do you want to have?
 Sarawak layer cake je la, yg selebih nya 5 tingkat cupcakes!

13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
Rumah satu and hotel satu! so merase la la..kahwin bukan salu  :P

14. When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
Hari Jumaat mlm Nikah, pukul 1230 tghari Sabtu sanding :P

15. You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
Depends On the weather, for guest comfortableness-sake [ayt nie mcm x wujud]

16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
no need, tp utk saye boleh! :P

17. Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding?
To be honest, nak lagu endless love tp selang seli ngn lagu kahwin2 60-an

18. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
Ikot mama and mak mentua ckp camne

19. What age do you want to get married?

20. Describe your ideal husband/wife
I don't have any specific standart, But when I see this guy I know that our chemistry can blend and mix well :) I know it must be him 

21. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
Fine Dining!! normal spoon kat mapley seksyen 1 pun boleh

22. Champagne or red wine?
Air Bandung Johor style!

23. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
depends on current situation

24. Money or household item?
money. to buy household items. (huda, I tiru bolat2)

25. Who will pay for the bills?
share-share..gaji sape lagi tinggi kena byr lebih! kidding 

26. Are you ready for married life?
not yet, But I'm working on it! blaja masak sedap2 and babysit kanak2 are my initial preparation

27. Will u always be true to your wife/husband
Dear my future hubster, yes I do

28. How many kids do you like to have?
range 2 to 4..If I got more or less,still alhamdullillah

29. A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
New house, Thats why financially stable is a must before getting married. tp rumah biase2 la bukan mansion ok

30. Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
Gold fish!..yes i mean gold weds!

31. What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?
saye suke briyani gam utk malay food, gado2 for javanese food, sharkfin soup utk chinese food and ladu utk indian food.. cukup la heavy meal, side dish and dessert! (1 Malaysia baby!)

32. Will u record your honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
don't mind. kamera phone pun boleh, yg penting 'record in memory' Metafora yg berlebihan

33. Whose wedding plans would you like to know next? Choose 5 person.
my gorgeous:Mimie,lily,loli,felly,iszat,bume
p.s i love u- korang buat bile free tau..kalau x free KIV dulu ok

Harini ni random saye about brand. korang msti salu dgar pasal brand colgate yg sinonim dgn ubat gigi, milo sinonim dgn malt coklat, nestum sinonim dgn bijirin, mangga dgn gossipnye etc . Ini dikenali sbg Monopoli.Tp kini monopoli mcm so last-season punya issue (but on going) in this season, ade new intangible strategy for branding tp x la baru sgt..iaitu celebrity branding. Sebut Nike ingt Tiger Woods and kes tamak pompuan, Adidas ade Beckham, Gillete has Roger Federer , paris dgn Guess nye and Michael schumacher bergaye sakan dgn jam omega nye. So whats next.. take a lucky guess..hah!

tu je..THATHA!