Thursday, August 12, 2010


Salam and greetings to the world citizen! Happy thursday everyone! Tajuk kali ni adelah bersifat sedikit sarcasm. But not referring to any praticular person but myself. Actually currently I tak ada minat terbaru or experiencing something extra-ordinary so less story to share. And highlights pun da cerita smlm. Meaning, this blog akan back to format journal harian @ diari. How boring syifaaa~...yes! sorry but I do not care (campak botol byk2)


Today is our 2nd day of fasting. My sahur for today- nasi with ikan merah (maybe sambal kot) and some cekodoks for desserts.  Drinks same as yesterday. My resolution for this month is I wanna be a better slave,daughter, Friend, Stranger @ any form I could be. So tell me whats yours..?

By the end of this month I will list down my achievement based on my resolution. I think it's helping in order to improve whats need to be fixed. what I really want to improve the most is to be more considerate towards others. It seems easy but its hard to be executed. 2ndly, I wanna be more matured. I can't never measure my maturity level but one of the ways to scale it is by my doings (the way I think, the way I react to something and how I solve my probs). 

Every people should have at least one resolution. or kita panggil goal. So we know what to do in order to reach our mission in life. Mission is important because it is just like our map. So everything we do, we'll do something that finally lead to the path, to get nearer to the mission. Jelas kan kepentingan misi and azam? oh btw my long term mission is to have a good career and to successfully nail it! (like at least one achievement yang boleh dibanggakan or something similar to that) :D
-Actually this is just peringatan utk diri  sendiri on why on earth I should create those goals. haishh.. ingat syifa ingat ni!-

Ok today my diary is majorly about my resolution for Ramadhan. (Minorly about sahur menu) - . -' . tomorrow InshaAllah I'll write another entry to kill time sbb I got simptom tak dpt tidur after subuh. I don't know what topic to talk about tomorrow. Mintak maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung jari kaki for merepek di pagi puasa ini :) Salam.

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