Monday, September 13, 2010


Hye hye hello hello bye bye! finally I started bermonologue again. Jarang-jarang berlaku nowadays. Actually, It feels much much better to have this inner voice while writing/posting. To cut it short (tibe-tibe kan) actually today I have no story, admirations or tips to share just another pale post sempena Syawal a.k.a Lebaran. The last post I said I wasn't feel any excitement kan? but it happened the other way around now. I was surprised myself too! I quite enjoy this Raya even angpau makin in tenat situation. But I'm glad, that I'm still alive and be able to eat rendang, to share laughters with my mom and performed Eid-ul Fitr Prayers. I pick a random theme for raya tahun ini called 'Amazing-Raya'.  Everything is going well and pretty til today :) I also managed to go beraya to several houses even though my aunty and uncle aren't here (they beraya di Mekah). I try to make a full use of this hols before I really2 start working. Oh dear, I can't imagine my life in KL as soon as I landed there. Being a grownup giving me so much ache in the head. Eventhough I have the power to control my life, but still.. power doesn't guarantee u a happiness.. well well!

"Ya Allah, smoothen my journey, protect and guide me to the right path. Amin"~ ok Raya ke 4! can't wait for u! =D



  1. u'll do great baby in kl.doa byk2 usaha n tawakkal k. org sentiasa doakan. lv u

  2. okie bb :) insha Allah b. thx for the faith and prayers. lv u always !

  3. thx cik mah! =) same goes to u alright!