Saturday, August 28, 2010


Harini hari Sabtu, I thought it was Friday. I felt pelik when kereta banyak and all. I asked my mom, why eh? cuz it's saturday. Hurgh.. Perhaps I am too preoccupied thinking about Raya and beyond. Besides I ve been thinking of doing myself a makeover. I need to change my style for once. Maybe Some says, Fashion come and go but style stays forever . To be honest I've been stuck with myself since I was a kid. A girl with fringe. I am too scared to change my style. It's like my comfort zone. No kidding yaw! see picture below: kan?

So after doing some findings, I found this! she's hot like a claypot! presenting cheryl cole
VERDICT-What i like about her is the make up. Fresh gile. she's using bronze colour just like beyonce does and her blusher , it's orangey and looks natural. Eye make up pun nice. Smokey eyes never goes out of trend! Fresh citrus style. i loike!Her hair is quite messy here but still gorgeous. She's so barbie-ish!
Bukan itu shj malah make up ini sesuai dgn baju raya saye! yes! strike 1! 

*Selain itu saye juge suke make up kardashians, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff, Leighton Meister and Paris Hilton.  Go check em out alright! taadaa~ happy berpuasa yg ke 18! (=


  1. change it syifa! changes are good sometimes u know!hehe.. try la for raye..
    owh,felly suke sgt kim k..die cm perfect!huhu...with or without make love love! mwah syifa! i love u!

  2. felly! true2! to me kim has a perfect love-shaped face and a killer chin yet equipped by those sexy eyes.. sgt2 perfect! =)

    inshaAllah dear.. i wanna nail that style on this raya! thanks for the support! xoxo~ love u darla!

  3. cant wait..huhu~
    sometimes changes can improve urself..
    rmai je dahi luas leh wat fashion slain fringe,.
    yg penting be urself n brani sb diri sdr je...
    n its u since i noe u in matrix..:)

  4. InshaAllah linda. i hope this time i have enough guts to do this makeover. ko msti da boring tgk rmbut tempurung aku nie kan..hihi.

    p.s- i visited ur blog ady..cantik gle ko design. love it!

  5. haha..
    sape yg ajar...
    kau jugek..thanx ea..