Thursday, June 17, 2010


WhaSsuppp with the smiley face anyway.. haihh~ just to add some spice to make it even more controversial sebenarnyee... This story maybe better left unsaid but I can never keep it to myself cuz it just my nature to share. Sharing something appropriate  (or maybe sometimes not that appropriate) is my policy *shake hands*  eherm is so awful! Gosh awful or unlucky..I can't even decide which one is the best to label today! below are the ingredients of my dipsh** day. I know unappropriate need to be censored.  Don't worry, it just a candy-brand... kot?

1) I fast today (puasa ganti) because Ramadhan just around the corner, which is a really good start la kan..Maybe somebody threw a prank to me after I berbuka..Cuz my nightmare began after I finish eating nasi with sardin with sayur with telur dadar with bla bla and blaahh blooohh (the list goes on and on). ok tak penting, the main story is.. After makan besar itu berakhir..I was craving for mocha. this is how we roll..jump to no 2.

2) Jump! Mocha home made it is! because so mlm already nak keluar to get the blended one. I made it by myself for optimum satisfactionary sake and sbb saye terer. But it end up.. just say.. not happily ever after. I was so gopoh/kalut in utara. So after masuk choc powder and a lil bit of coffee powder to get that kick-a** taste.. i termasukkan garam accidentally..I thought it was sugar. my mom put both of the items nearby to each other. I got this is how we roll! I drank and menuju ke sink to buang some leftover in my mouth..the taste was EWW! kaallaahh air laut uuuu!! luckily x puke..syg nasi mkn tadik!

3) After getting some rest of poisoning myself tadi..I tetibe crave for chocs..dark chocs to be precise that I bought 4/5days ago.. I browse through the fridge and I found none! nothing! sh** somebody must be a choc-thief! I x kedekut..But do ask me if u want anything..I wont say no worries (maybe I would, depends) please! geesh! now kempunan already.. Luckily my aunt punya ada..but white choc la..which is so not my cup of tea..I know who stole my dark chocs! nasibaik bukan family member! darn u budak!

4) I got a major sorethroat now..So everything I eat become less tasty. I didn't enjoy eating just now. Saye suke makan..ok, who doesn't kan?  I am a chatter box by nature! Now everytime I speak, I hurt my throat, so I prefer to silent myself. But.. yah, I am tired to shut the f*** up already. I need to hurts! still! aisssshhh! I can't even raise my voice up to 4 Desible! :(

5) My looney retarded cousin left the house for KL today. Only by Tues she' ll be back..To be honest, I ve lost it..tak ada org nak cari 'snow' in my hair, play top white head search on my cheeks and the area berkaitan or a laughing partner while watching annoying orange! and many more :( 

6) Gloominess goes really smooth! until now apabila my stomach is grumbling and unhappy..Maybe I ate cut chillies inside the sardines mom cooks for me. But nvm, berkat bahh! So that how the story goes..Isn't a bad day after all.. I just exaggerate! teeehee :D thanks for your time reading this. well spent huh? **

Later I' ll update some tagging Ive got from my frens. Saba ye cik Bume and Linda. flying kisses!


  1. teheee.. tape lynn..actually lesson die jgn kabut2 and x saba nak minum mocha. peacee!

  2. thought it was really a bad day..salt in mocha?!LOL

  3. yup! a bad hilarious one actually :P yeeheee