Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why must people come and they'll go? [and some lessons]

Gosh!I lead an unorganized life once again is it hard for me to live without a family here.. or maybe I am too family oriented person? alone and loneliness once they come..why they'll stop by lama2? why can't they just leave sooner.. like happiness and laughters always do? [sometimes loneliness is more loyal companion than laughters and joy]

Dear Lie, 

Please persuade her not to cry, Tell her everything that'll pleases her ears. Convince her that everything's gonna be okay. [sometimes lies comfort us effectively and much better than the truth does]

We always have a bad perception towards negativity. everything we believe or make believe we must balance it. Practice mediocrity. Do you believe that someone with an abundance of confidence in something they love doing, they can fall into pieces if they fail 'em? Open your mind. Think in both sides. Ups and downs. the front and the back. outside and inside. human, we are flexible :)


  1. if i could, i make u my family, so u have 2..
    one here, one there..
    heart u!

  2. tehee! that makes u my foster family. ngee :) btw thanks really cheer me up!heart u more.mwaccckkss