Sunday, May 23, 2010


1) Ahad da mencerminkan (al-HAD) mari kita bereHAD/t!! which also means HAD of the week. Indirectly spoken, we need to rest. Sbb nati monday, we need to get back on track..yes, org bekerja in particular.

2) Tadi tibe2 bangun saye mendapati suhu badan menjadi x normal. so I conclude that today saye demam kecil-kecilan and its time to take 5 from hustle bustle of thesis .. Now I know penangan tdo lambat and kesan stress terhadap tahap sistem imunisasi diri [ mcm tajuk tesis u]

3) Sejak mengambil ekonomi sbg platform hidup saye, sedikit sbyk it changed my nature. I become more analytical. especially the way I think. I tend to think about something in more depth and breadth point of view. hasilnya, saye berfikiran kompleks and sometimes rase otak tersimpul and trus lost..BHAAAAA

4) Sambungan no 3, pastu saye rasa saye ni weirdo.. bila saye ckp, saye akan berfikir dulu abstrak2nye dlm kepale.. mase high school abstrak saye dlm bntuk normal word, now sume dlm persamaan..equation! So kadang2 agak sukar nak phm ape yg saye smpikan. no one to blame..cuz I don't understand myself too sometimes. once again.. rmi2 jom! BHAAAA

5) Saye suke random thoughts, Sbb it helps my brain to exercise, But consequently I cannot stop thinking about that thoughts. yg tu x best, sbb nati kepale berdenyut2 dok pk punya pasai. contohnye, I once terbace quote by Einstein saying.. The Hardest Thing In the World To Understand is the income tax. yeeeer..janji sampai skang I dok pulun think about the meaning. Maybe I could be the word analyzer!

and...I don't comprehend my real objective of making this entry look like a Powerpoint or something instead of put it in a paragraph like I always do.. ok tu je.. time to rest til tomorrow Approaches! 

before that, ade ke org phm maksud, Don't look at something from the mirror, Cuz In reality.. it is nothing like that.. I know..not! BHAAAA...


  1. Ahad= berehat, Jumaat= Sunat, Isnin= Pening.

  2. it gud to think thru economic perspective...makes us feel like genius hehe

  3. ravishingpeacock-haha..but not really like a genius, cuz most of people cannot understand. it feels like talking sorg2 :( but :D haha

  4. hye Syifa !
    im now following you
    hit me back dear (: