Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I wish everytime I opened my eyes, I don't have to think about those 'disturbing' things. I wish I could just breathe at ease and live happily without fear like most of my peers do. I know, I should've be more grateful, I wish I had more strenght to endure this uninvited thoughts and situations. It's hard to feel worry everyday, to play a big sister's role all the time and pretend like you are strong/matured enough when in reality u still a girl who still needs protection and fear of loneliness. Seems like I need to discard all the desires. Cause I wasn't made for that. My purpose in life.. the 'preparations' I've through.. to make myself ready in the future. God-creation with special qualities. Just like any other human-beings.. we are made for what we are meant to be or serve in the world (minus those jerks). I love my family. All I wanna do is protect them. I try my best to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. Ya Almighty, please assist and guide me. Don't let me shed another unnecessary tears anymore.. Please..I beg for your mercy..Ya Allah. Amin Ya rabbal Alamin ~




  1. and all we need is just consistency.

  2. yup melon.. Thats what I'm learning to do now.

    thanks ravishingpeacock :) I know I would. muacks

  3. i sbnrnya agk x brape phm, but anw u go girl! i know ure strong :)

  4. mime dear :) thank you. I wish bad days will restrain itself from us. muacks

  5. syifa,b strong :)