Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bila Esok Datang Lagi...

Today is the second day.. I'm afraid I might collapsed. Will I be able to hold my strength and keep my perseverance to endure this journey or should I just declare and put my hands up saying this is ain't what I'm looking for, ain't my calling. 

Intermission: Ini lah fav saye kat opis! perisa original and vanilla are the bomb!

Blaming other people or being irresponsible are becoming a trend now. Whatever it is, I just hate the trendsetter!


  1. hai..second day of what tu?tukar keje baru ke?

  2. la u..2nd day of bad day..:) peace!

  3. oo....i thought u tukar keje..anyway..u hv clompleted ur training u transportation ape?bus ke?