Sunday, September 26, 2010

You'll Always Find A way Back Home!

Alhamdullillah~ This week has been so great as it filled with some wonderful stories! Last week was totally cacat for me. Please refer to the previous entry for reference. It tells perfectly, ain't it? so let me begin my journey for this week.. Thoroughly! jump to the next point!
  • My big bro is in town! Even for awhile but I feel like it's not palely wasted like before.We spent so much time and do things together. I've joined a business with him and what can I say, it's profitable (for hardworking-practitioner) and educational. The best part is, anyone can join! even kau bukan anak Datuk Hamid! wow kan?
  • Then then.. I went for an interview with one company (Tibe2 P&C ape cer beb) and I got hired. Alhamdullillah~ I feel so grateful and excited! It's not easy to get a job. I was jobless for almost 5 months. kalau mengandung, perut pun dah besar. The best part is, the job suits me well.The keys are never give up and believe in the power of berdoa. Insha Allah..
  • This is sooo my personal fav! my bro and two of our friends (Wan & Tasya) go balik kampung with us. The journey took about 5-6 hours. We set up a rule that no one can sleep. To make it fair. So in order to kill the sleepiness, we turned on the music loudly and start singing. The cool part is, it was a CD that full of Bieber's song.Add-info: My hometown never puts me down, always outreach my expectations!
  • My bro and I went ziarah all over Kelantan. Best giler!I learned about Kelantanese a lot. Such as the culture and bahasa. Not to forget the food! The best part is We have the chance to meet our family back there. We haven't met for so long. like 5 years! It's like now, I have more hormones compare to the last trip!=D
  • I feel dihargai. They treat us very well. I miss my Kelantan-side family actually. I hope we can still bonding well even time has puts gap on us.  Some of my cousins are really smart! they do make me proud. 
  • Last but not least, I'm grateful to be given this opportunity by Allah Maha Besar. Great things happen for those who wait. I always comfort myself with this quote. I know it is actually can be true!
  • Seriously need to put off weight. Balik kampung2x -__-
Before signing off: I'm so excited yet nervous for this 1st oct. I hope everything will be fine and go smoothly. Please.. make me love my job.. please 100x. amin~ kissing off! DaaAaa~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The hatred day!

Today is the H-day for me after mengalami kemarahan terkumpul sejak beberapa tahun/bulan/hari yang lepas! I seldom post entry yang melibatkan marah and marah. But today I don't care what'll happen saye nak post juge! Step yang pertame untuk meraikan perasaan marah/sugul ini ialah dengan mentaip besar-besar ape yang saye benci and jerit dalam hati sekuat-kuatnye sbb you don't wanna awake your brother yang letih. Nanti kena marah. So step one activated,  I hate ORANG YANG PILIH BULU! they just put me on my nerve. If tumbuk orang is legal I will punch this kinda person straight on their plastic faces! I know it wouldn't hurt much cuz they come from special materials which is PLASTIC! Kadang-kadang orang macam ni bukan kacau orang lain pun but their annoyance tu sangat mengganggu! and menambah-nambah dosa manusia yang tak sekutu ngan diorg ni. THEY MAKE ME WANNA CURSE BAD WORDS.I mean REALLY-REALLY BAD! Tell this people what, people comes in various packages. Just accept them the way they are la! I mean like in-born traits. Kalau 'junkies' kau tak nak pun tak pe. I understand. Sila lah berubah. As a friend, terase wor bila lu cari gua when ade something je. Bila takde, balas wallpost susah. (memang nak bagi hint pun). kalau msg tu saye phm la awk kedekut ke abis cdt kan? To me you're not even a friend pun and not qualified to be one!I just hope these people'll change la. Your idiotic in Public Relations got my concern and sympathy. If you don't wanna change ke ape, tak pe thats hak asasi. Just don't appear in front of my eyes and disappear from my life okie. PEACE ^^

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hye hye hello hello bye bye! finally I started bermonologue again. Jarang-jarang berlaku nowadays. Actually, It feels much much better to have this inner voice while writing/posting. To cut it short (tibe-tibe kan) actually today I have no story, admirations or tips to share just another pale post sempena Syawal a.k.a Lebaran. The last post I said I wasn't feel any excitement kan? but it happened the other way around now. I was surprised myself too! I quite enjoy this Raya even angpau makin in tenat situation. But I'm glad, that I'm still alive and be able to eat rendang, to share laughters with my mom and performed Eid-ul Fitr Prayers. I pick a random theme for raya tahun ini called 'Amazing-Raya'.  Everything is going well and pretty til today :) I also managed to go beraya to several houses even though my aunty and uncle aren't here (they beraya di Mekah). I try to make a full use of this hols before I really2 start working. Oh dear, I can't imagine my life in KL as soon as I landed there. Being a grownup giving me so much ache in the head. Eventhough I have the power to control my life, but still.. power doesn't guarantee u a happiness.. well well!

"Ya Allah, smoothen my journey, protect and guide me to the right path. Amin"~ ok Raya ke 4! can't wait for u! =D


Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't feel any excitement for the coming Hari Raya. What I know is, Syawal is coming 
& Ramadhan is leaving.

I miss the old times,
Time just wont let me be 14 again