Tuesday, June 1, 2010


     Lately, I missed updating some highlighties whats happening in/outta my life. In fact, I had abandon this blog for a few days. Life is preoccupied once again. With activities and some visits to a new place like I-city and  the place I've been before like melaka the historical city. I supposed, I've had  a REAL weekend after all *heart smile*

    The perfect ambience today, is the push for me to start writing again.  The soothing atmosphere at last has arrived, the ambience that I've been seeking for a few months ago. Just now, I met my supervisor to hand-in my completed-thesis and I thought I would be happy/cock-a-hoopy or stuff like that, But I feel so sugul. In fact, knowing that the last goodbye I pronouced to him just now.. Was the real goodbye afterall. My supervisor never been that chatty before as he was just now..I felt welcomed and dihargai. yup! he gave the sweetest smile when I said, ok prof bagi grade cantik2 tau.. (salam-muslim greets another muslim not shaking hands la) and waving goodbyes (me closing his door neatly and leaving Econs department ASAP).

    on my way down to the next destination, I kept thinking about my supervisor and his weird act. It saddens me because..I don't know.. no one really2 knows when they get upset. It could be hormones-confusion or situation-complication. Now, I am all alone in my room, typing, composing and reminiscing switchingly..struggling hard to define my feelings and put it into a perfect sentence.  not to forget counting down the days for me to go visit my mom and bro in Meow city. Hope everything is as perfect as planned. Sooner or later, we shall know.

It's me wearing a free cap by ayam A1 and a shirt my cousin gave to me and a jusco-go green- bag.. and a sg wang sunnies.. now who cares about Xtian leboutin shoes, Louis vuitton purse or Prada apparel and maybe sunnies by gucci? still can count me in!! teeheee.. Some people might wear those to feel superior..I'm just saying :)  KISS AND TWIRL!


  1. syifa, nice pic...!ajar ckit ley?!!hihi..

  2. felly pegi dekat picnik.com kat ctu boleh edit mcm2..go go now! muahh!