Saturday, July 24, 2010

a boring note, just a thought..maybe some! blindfolded us..marriage is a real an eye opener. Why? because we already know our spouse really2 well. No excitement, sparks and no mystery anymore. Sometimes, we can even read whats on their mind and we can even tell @ understand perfectly when our partner use double meaning word or every meaning behind their acts and habits. People tend to say love can be so boring. Thats how that boring term exists. Once a married couple start a family, in the beginning of their journey is still fill with love (and lust) but as time passes by a married couple only engage/ attach with one another because of one thing, Responsibilities. The kids they have together. Life is not about themselves anymore. Their world is revolves around kids, Career, finance, warry, security, bills and many more. Lose focus on their relationship. Fade away. How stressful life could be? thats why they come up with the solution. Marriage couple treatment-through counselling, relationship-reinforcement activities etc. For married couple, they'd been so in love before they got married, they had too much love in the beginning, it's not impossible to re-do it all over again. 


  1. It's not a boring note. This is the real that will happen after married. It will reduce our love feeling or make our love more warm, it depend to how couple overcome it. They need to choose the best methods. Anyway No Pain No Gain.

  2. thats right. love is always there to be nurtured. just dont give up and accept one another as who they are. Love is all about tolerancy