Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello Everything!

cuz baby you're a firework, come on let your colours burst!

I stole this from katy perry's new song, firework. It really captivates my attention as it has a quite big impact in motivating me. So whenever u feel inferior, demotivated, or any other negativities remember these words and try to comprehend while exploring the colours in you ok? oh! btw actually this is not the  spotlight of this post, my real intention is to give a short summary about my life/feeling/view in recent. To be honest, I'll say I might miss a lot of updates here as I've been away for so long. Recently, I've been through a few transformation. Some are hurtful, some are...what I can call as Blessing from God. To be frank, I'll be thankful to God if I made mistakes or vice versa, cuz whatever result may I face is a life lesson that will be my map in the future apart from making me stronger and much much wiser. I just wish I could stay positive like this forever or maybe when forever is over, I just wish I would continue....... 

Sometimes being a decision maker is not hard, but most of the time.. yes! especially when it has too many good choices to offer. ARE YOU REGRET? this is not even a question kan? So what is it..? to me it is just a confirmation. 
before I end this..maybe you can start to make the crowd go oh oh :)


Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been awhile since I keep my mouth/head/hands shut off this blog. I still love telling stories but lately I must admit I've been such a bad writer. Due to the busy schedule of working and the extension of sleeping hours. So, I spend less hour in cyber world. So here I am again to give some updates about what happen recently in my life.
-I am so happy with work. I've got a lot of awesome/caring/happy-go-lucky friends. even I've lost one (in working place) but sue darling, ure always have a place in my heart :) goodluck in ur future undertakings
-as for other things, I can't elaborate here. It's too hard to explain. I don't like to play around. So take me seriously *tiba2 kan*
-Seriously need to do the S.O.P cepat2 as the due date is just around the corner. I love thinking but to do the typing, I need a typewriter! as a pioneer for the terminal we have to come up with our own fresh ideas. excites me!
-I hope Allah will grant my wishes and smoothen my journey. I'm so sorry for being such a bad slave. I know I am not good enough to ask anything from U.
-I miss my mom! And I got a news for her!

thats all folks! have a nice day!