Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello Everything!

cuz baby you're a firework, come on let your colours burst!

I stole this from katy perry's new song, firework. It really captivates my attention as it has a quite big impact in motivating me. So whenever u feel inferior, demotivated, or any other negativities remember these words and try to comprehend while exploring the colours in you ok? oh! btw actually this is not the  spotlight of this post, my real intention is to give a short summary about my life/feeling/view in recent. To be honest, I'll say I might miss a lot of updates here as I've been away for so long. Recently, I've been through a few transformation. Some are hurtful, some are...what I can call as Blessing from God. To be frank, I'll be thankful to God if I made mistakes or vice versa, cuz whatever result may I face is a life lesson that will be my map in the future apart from making me stronger and much much wiser. I just wish I could stay positive like this forever or maybe when forever is over, I just wish I would continue....... 

Sometimes being a decision maker is not hard, but most of the time.. yes! especially when it has too many good choices to offer. ARE YOU REGRET? this is not even a question kan? So what is it..? to me it is just a confirmation. 
before I end this..maybe you can start to make the crowd go oh oh :)



  1. hey fa, i like ur last paragraph..' Sometimes being a decision maker is not hard, but most of the time.. yes! especially when it has too many good choices to offer'..ever since making a decision will come to a point that measure ur capabilities to handle whatever decision u hv made since some of the consequences might be sweet or bitter to swallowed...hmm.. in addition..the song from katy perry was great actually..hihi....I feel like being born again when watchin' it...there is one sacred word I want malay ya...' janganlah kamu mengeluh, sesungguhnya setiap kesusahan yg kamu alami jika dibandigkan dengan org sekeliling kamu sesungguhnya kamu adalah lebih beruntung...kamu rasa bnyk maslah, tp ada org lebih bermasalah dari kamu' that ur thankfulness is very good that way..keep it as much more patience as u could..hehe..much talking here...


  2. thanks khalili for the point of view. sometimes a dong can really burst our motivation kan. btw every obstacles we have to take it glad we are on the same boat!

  3. you're most welcome fa, yup...the more problems u face, ur maturity thinking also increased plus ur critical thingking. always take it positive, no matter anyone scold at you. the same boat is some secret quote i wanna share with u...'semakin banyak kamu belajar, sebenarnya semakin banyak kamu tak tahu' think about it..this quote was given by my teacher during my technical school 2002 if i'm not mistaken..kalo x faham i'll explain ya..sharing is caring!