Saturday, July 24, 2010


Nothing much to say, lately I silently learn a few things about I don't know how to say it specifically.. maybe I could label it as life. 
*I am a fighter but a fighter who always malas to fight and that makes me angkat bendera putih really soon. I'm grateful that I have someone who has succesfully escalates my spirit back and makes me fight til the end. Thanks for that. Profusely :)
*Selain itu, I learn about my previous sins. (HAHA) sorry, eventhough it's not funny but i found it pretty amusing. I wish I didn't do that and I really hope I could fix some people's heart back. But I know, As we already move on, we create new chapters of life. And that makes me more concern about that new story, so I could be there to prevent that thing to happen again. I am happy enough if I could help :)
*I am back to be a good friend and a good listener. 
*I learn people's types in the world and try to menguasai every each one of the character.
*I learn about myself. The true colour of myself. and the music that I really2 love.
*I promise not to easily giving up and give myself more chance. Not to forget to continue learning.
*I just want to make her proud. To u mom, yes :)