Monday, January 17, 2011

Hajjah Rohana @ Rohanah Ibrahim, She's a super duper mom!

As I walked through the pavement at level 3..HKL, I could hear my stepping shoes taking turn to sound.. But my mind, elsewhere. I couldn't bear the news I heard at 7 something PM on Thursday..I've lost myself on that day, When she lied down-unmoved, stiff with pale face on the patients' bed.  She had 30 mins to live, Thats what doc predicted at that time, half-sanity I was trying to strenghten myself, tried to ignore..Out of my control, I cried and whispered KALIMAH SYAHADAH in her ears. Together with my brother, we jogged slowly along with doc and crew to level 3..ICU. at ICU, we waited for hours, finally door opened for us with welcoming ceremony done by the doc incharged. Doc told us the chronology and all, Frustrated but grateful Alhamdullillah, Allah still let her live even now she couldn't move, couldn't talk yet eat, couldn't do anything but I'm happy that everyday she gives a LITTLE progress. Even A LITTLE but I know someday, she'll be back to be our mom again. To whoever read this please contribute Yassin to her, Puan Rohana Ibrahim. Your cooperation has indeed a good return..from Allah. I love you mom, as simple as that!You're awesome, cuz you tought me to be strong and positive like you!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is love smart?

Dear Youaretheonlyexception,
[  ]It is when, all your senses get so excited..

[  ]It is maybe when your mood is fixed by itself when you see him.. and yeah without the assistance of chocs of course

[  ] He makes you feel so alive.. yet dead..makes u feel like you are the most beautiful lady on earth..and makes you think you are the most intelligent nerd in the 

[  ] When you pronounce those 3 sacred little words..and you never think of what circumstances you'd have to face..because it never matters

[  ]When you miss him, you wish he would just appear in front of you..and still.. never stop hoping

[  ]Love is sweet but most of the time..challenging.. adventurous!

[  ]Makes you so happy, makes you so so sad.. so?

[  ]Love is beneficial?- taking risks, enhance confidence level, learn to be patient, give and take, gratitude,positivity etc.. love is smart? or falling in love is actually smart..?

Now think the other way around....

Love, if you have don't need anything else
and if you don't have doesn't matter much what else you have