Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life as in metaphore

"If life is only a riddle...we will find the answer once we solve the riddle
Once we solve the riddle, we'll get the answer and complete the riddle
The Search stops, We'll find another riddle to solve.."
*riddle is our normal daily probs
life is a riddle*

Something's wrong here.. because in reality, We don't even know when we can find the solution of our problem though..and the search is always continue and continue.. We don't find a riddle to solve, instead the riddle comes to us for us to solve.. Get it? urrgh..sorry another crap for another boring wednesday :) 

Just to update something: I just bought a cool flip flop and it's pink ! tu jer..toodles~
Ade lagi2, I think our economics' condition is not stable..mcm meng-heading ke arah to all, take this precaution.. berbelanjalah sehemah-hemahnya ok! maybe perang dingin antara Both Korea telah mule memberi effect kpd dunia..tet! betul2 toodles~



  1. hai~~...yeah..perang dingin between them will affect country surround especially's us...really hope this crisis to solve ASAP....

    come n drop by to my blog also ya...
    ready to accept any critism and comments(yg membinalah ..hihi)

  2. tu cm x bubbye je syifa.. cm, eh, kjap, ade lagi nak ckp.. tihi.. love u hun!

  3. tomeynye syifa!!!! i dah followed urs;)