Saturday, July 24, 2010


Nothing much to say, lately I silently learn a few things about I don't know how to say it specifically.. maybe I could label it as life. 
*I am a fighter but a fighter who always malas to fight and that makes me angkat bendera putih really soon. I'm grateful that I have someone who has succesfully escalates my spirit back and makes me fight til the end. Thanks for that. Profusely :)
*Selain itu, I learn about my previous sins. (HAHA) sorry, eventhough it's not funny but i found it pretty amusing. I wish I didn't do that and I really hope I could fix some people's heart back. But I know, As we already move on, we create new chapters of life. And that makes me more concern about that new story, so I could be there to prevent that thing to happen again. I am happy enough if I could help :)
*I am back to be a good friend and a good listener. 
*I learn people's types in the world and try to menguasai every each one of the character.
*I learn about myself. The true colour of myself. and the music that I really2 love.
*I promise not to easily giving up and give myself more chance. Not to forget to continue learning.
*I just want to make her proud. To u mom, yes :)

a boring note, just a thought..maybe some! blindfolded us..marriage is a real an eye opener. Why? because we already know our spouse really2 well. No excitement, sparks and no mystery anymore. Sometimes, we can even read whats on their mind and we can even tell @ understand perfectly when our partner use double meaning word or every meaning behind their acts and habits. People tend to say love can be so boring. Thats how that boring term exists. Once a married couple start a family, in the beginning of their journey is still fill with love (and lust) but as time passes by a married couple only engage/ attach with one another because of one thing, Responsibilities. The kids they have together. Life is not about themselves anymore. Their world is revolves around kids, Career, finance, warry, security, bills and many more. Lose focus on their relationship. Fade away. How stressful life could be? thats why they come up with the solution. Marriage couple treatment-through counselling, relationship-reinforcement activities etc. For married couple, they'd been so in love before they got married, they had too much love in the beginning, it's not impossible to re-do it all over again. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

L is unpredictable. If you can't take the riddle then just leave the puzzle. heart says.

Today I feel like I am 16 again. I pretend to be what I'm not. But as a human being, I can't never like what I dislike or dislike what I like. So there u go, the unsolved problems. I keep arguing, But I don't know. who am I trying to convince.Is it the other party? or myself. 

Today I comfort myself by telling my decisions are right. every decision I made is right. But why I always feel skeptical about it. Why I need explainations for every act I take. Love isn't easy. No one tells that. So, every single "isn't easy" thing needs sacrifice and you have to fight for it. Never give up. 

Love made some people no human. Jealousy, greedy, ungrateful, rivalry, self-centred etc. cuz love has no training. Love is only a feeling. Feeling that controls by heart, minorly.. mind. Again, Am I talking about myself.. Or did I just rephrase some magazines' quotes?

Heartbroken. The next day I know, I'm composing a song. spontaneously, If a song you made because you're broken-hearted, means you already a pieces. fall apart. Re-again, what song I sang just now?

Love should make oneself feels secure. securely positioned. But what happens if everyday is another race and worries? 

last but not least, I'm not an expert. been there.
if love has no end, then how could the lovers end?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why must people come and they'll go? [and some lessons]

Gosh!I lead an unorganized life once again is it hard for me to live without a family here.. or maybe I am too family oriented person? alone and loneliness once they come..why they'll stop by lama2? why can't they just leave sooner.. like happiness and laughters always do? [sometimes loneliness is more loyal companion than laughters and joy]

Dear Lie, 

Please persuade her not to cry, Tell her everything that'll pleases her ears. Convince her that everything's gonna be okay. [sometimes lies comfort us effectively and much better than the truth does]

We always have a bad perception towards negativity. everything we believe or make believe we must balance it. Practice mediocrity. Do you believe that someone with an abundance of confidence in something they love doing, they can fall into pieces if they fail 'em? Open your mind. Think in both sides. Ups and downs. the front and the back. outside and inside. human, we are flexible :)