Sunday, May 24, 2015

Which one is important? Words or Statements?

Communication has to be simple unless if you're conveying love, poeting or other emotional messages.. but maybe some people prefers information to be transmitted in a Shakespeare-way, then my post would not be applicable to you. I really don't get it when people is using too much metaphors or super long story-telling in communicating problems or assigning new tasks (at workplace mainly). In my opinion, the problem itself is already complicated, kindly simplify your words when explaining. Metaphor doesn't mitigate the seriousness of the problem and doesn't make you look much smarter than actuality Hence, stop the crap! Firstly, It's counter-productive - we won't wanna waste so much time listening to the crap until you state the real objective/intention of the story, secondly, human has a very limited attention-span, don't catalyse the limitedness with some fictions or classic metaphors and thirdly metaphor or story-telling invites speculation, people might interpret it wrongly. In workingsphere, practicality is the imperative fundamental of everything. So, go for direct communication, ditch the unnecessary bombastic words / philosophical metaphors and use that talent somewhere else!

I'm not totally against the "duo" cuz I am also one of the users but if we use it appropriately, we can have a better and effective communication in this world :) Toodles !

Temporal Finitism

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cold Coffee

Late at night, stubborn eyes just won't sleep. Time moves quickly, faster than thoughts. Heavy rain, not heavy eyes. Go to sleep, bed is waiting.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Little Dreams

Picnic.Dinner & Games.
Breaking the silence of this atmosphere with one declaration and that is... I'm gonna end my single life next weekend!! InshaAllah. The best part is, three of my high school besties are also on their way of doing the same. Nowadays, "celebrate-able" events have been increasing significantly. Not just birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, we also celebrate Bride-to-be(s). Thus, I may need your eyes-attention to these pictures of us :) 

Our first long journey vacation together. Hooray!

p.s- please help us by praying for the smoothness of our event ya :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Madinah Al Munawwarah yang super INDAH!

Before it all started, I had a million doubts to go there as I wasn't ready. Thanks to Satan as well for being such a good supporter in this. There were a lot of what if(s) than how to(s). I tried to create a lot of excuses not to go, but then I paused and said.. I can't do this, the Almighty will definitely punish me for lying. So I accept the invitation to perform "Umrah" with my beloved uncle and his wife, aunt, cousin, uncle's MIL and my big brother.

It is true, I wasn't prepared. I didn't know what to do. I followed my aunt to the "ceramah" but I didn't pay any attention at all. I've heard so many stories about no-delay in God's punishments there, that's enough to persuade me not to go. I was scared. My days were occupied with work and until 2 days before my flight, I got freaked out and asked my friend to show me what to do during Tawaf and Saie. Without hesitation she demonstrated to me. That was the first time, I really listened and practiced. Thanks I-know-who-you-are!

One day before it happened, I took leave just because I wanted to do some revision about the places I'm about to go, Mecca and Medina. I read many blogs and google many tips what to do and not to do before and during "Umrah". One of 'em is to perform Taubah Nasuha solah. I couldn't as I was "dirty". Again, I freaked. How to purify myself if I can't solah. Then, I accidentally read about this one girl experiencing the same. Luckily we landed in Medina first. She mentioned if we cannot Solah, we may substitute with "zikir and istighfar". Allah Maha penyayang, Allah Maha Mengetahui.

So the anticipated day came, the 9 hours journey was full of nervousness and zikir. Consequently, I baca a lot of doa(s) to protect my heart from evilness, avoid cursing and be patient all the time. Patience is one of the important character you must posses in order to survive well there. Mainly in Mecca, people there is quite aggressive, but we must understand everybody is chasing for Allah's redha including YOU.

Alhamdullilah, safely arrived in Medina. Everything went well and smooth. The magnifique Prophet's Mosque was only about 5 minutes from our hotel. That time,It was around 9-ish at night but I felt so excited. So, I've decided to explore (plus we need to buy more mineral water). My aunt and cousin were tired, so I had to walk alone. My aunt of course said go to the opposite convenient shop nearby but my curiosity brings me far away from the place we stayed.

It was a fine tour and alhamdullillah I felt safe with some doa(s) from the book that travel agency gave. I saw a lot of cultures but we are all unified by Islam. Our faith and way of living. I even feel like I want to migrate there, very peaceful. So the next day, was all about Ibadah and visit few places :) The best experience in Medina for me was to get a chance to perform Solah in Ar-Raudhah Mosque, worth waiting for! (this is one of the Mustajab doa place, correct me if I'm wrong)

One tip to share, if you ever "terdetik" of takot kasut hilang in the masjid you can clear your doubts by istighfar and leave it to Allah. Allah will take care of His Guests. Do not doubt on that. Thats how I kept my shoes from missing and whenever I tour alone. Alhamdullillah. Being there was like a real heart-opener for me. I never thought by saying mere Allah we will granted with Pahala. So I just said it many times. We are racing for Allah's Pahala no matter night and day, I really miss that culture.

Enjoyed my journey in Medina, the people all nice , all generous. I even speak Bahasa Malaysia with them during shopping and tawar menawar Malaysian style siap. The Jubah borong is super cheap and beautiful. That kinda quality you will be charged in Malaysia from range about RM 100- RM 150 but there only RM 20-RM 50. But dont forget, your real intention there sisters! Oh yeah, I really love it whenever Azan they will close their shops immediately and proceed to Masjid.  Dah la efficient beriman pula tu!

4 days in Medina is not enough but I pray to Allah that one day He will invite me again. Before I leave for Mecca, here's my activity throughout my visitation as our Prophet's guest  :)

Design in Masjid Nabawi. Wonderful!

Outside of the Masjid. Subhanallah!

Day outing and sight seeing, spotted Hilton.

Masjid Nabawi, camwhore,my hotel and Masjid Quba'

Last but not least,
Coffee and choc fix,The best!

This is totally a summary of my visit to Medina, that's why there are no details such as weather, activities by dates etc., sepatah orang kata before the memories fades we must preserve by posting/writing it. But if you have any queries, just let me know. I'll try to help. Next post will talk about Mecca. REAL DEAL. My ultimate intention of going there. Different, adventurous yet exciting!

til then :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome to adulthood!

Used to crap a lot about student life, now no more. I can't even construct a simple sentence anymore. I stop dreaming at night, don't have enough time to day-dream, to imagine, to monologue, to analyze, no more Channing Tatum's addiction etc. Been busy with stuffs like work,  events and maybe social life.

Nowadays, I begin to appreciate the spare time I have on weekends by meeting those VVIPs (in my life), just to catch up. Of course and yes, lately I've been receiving  a lot of wedding invitations including from my childhood best friend for 14 years - Cuki. Alhamdullillah everything went well. I had a great time with my high school groupie, the best part is none of us really changed. We just be us. No masks, we talked all night long til we fell asleep a night before Cuki's big day . I love em all. Honestly I can't wait for my turn, I am so ready to be a mom and a wife, marry me already! (ok x malu). I wish  -.-

Moving on, another adulthood related to marriage is yeah, having a baby. I am so proud of my friends who now not just a wife..but a mom to a cute baby. Congrats to all you (u know who u are and if only u read this lousy post). Honestly, they've already nailed their job as a woman kot. Being a mom? seriously..thats the stage I've always wanted to be!

For me, being busy is a choice. the path I choose for a reason. This is the time where I have an optimum opportunity and energy at the same time to do a lot of things i.e. to strategize how to achieve my target, to meet the deadline (of course), whats the convenient way to reach there, the basis of my milestone bla and bla. Actually I'm just talking about my wedding arrangement.  he he he..

Apa-apa pun, even I half-die missing my teenage-hood (broken gila I know), but one thing for sure..I am much more eager to see the next phase of my life! Cant wait cant wait..ok dewasanya.

Ill make sure this MAGICAL moment stuck in my head for life!

Cuki in her best dress, fearlessly posing with d love of her life. Congrats awk.
ok then, til my next post. Which I think maybe next year. Or lets just hope for some miracle to happen I know what to write. Useless blogger sungguh -.- Chiou!


Thursday, August 2, 2012


Breathlessly gasping for more air, looking around and try to identify every sound surrounds the area I am in now. Facing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the next... Forcing the days to end quickly. Heart is aching and chaotic, finding its serenity that's no longer there.

Heart is tired, motivation works the least, memories conquers every spaces in my mind.

Wish so hard to own the time, So I could manipulate and reverse to the time when you were still there.

I miss you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heart is weakening

Mom, as the days in 2012 passed me by, the harder it gets for me to digest this whole game. 
I am so tired of fighting alone, sounds like giving up.. maybe/yeah/nope I don't even know anymore. 
I am getting older and all I ever wanted at this moment is to live normally & be able to inhale/exhale with no hiccups.

Somehow, I just can't. Handicapped by obstacles. My emotion is hectic inside. I want to find serenity. My serenity is my mom. As she waited for me there, I am struggling alone. Try to gather strength as possible as I could to continue breathing.

I am no longer sure of my existence in the world. Like I used to aim to make my mom proud of me..That's why I didn't register myself as a college drop-out. To find a fine job at established company, to lessen her burden by taking care of her with the salary I earn. To get my master in Econs before I reach 26 and get my PHD done by 35 and be a lecturer. But all those aims are nothing but only a dirty dust. Nothing phenomenal.

To be honest, I am not sure.. anymore