Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Selamat Pagi! I just had my sahur..I ate a mexican bun and a bit of cereal..mcm coco krunch cuma ia buatan Msia. Brand tak penting, janji ia sedap, murah dan dalam ekonomi pack (800g). Kemudian saye meminum nescafe and setengah botol kecil air masak. Today would be our 1st day of Ramadhan. If berkesempatan, InshaAllah I will do the countdown here on my blog sehingga berjumpa Syawal. Lame jugak saye x angelly touch this blog due to some circumstances such as pack schedule (ye ye je) and connection problem but most of all, saye dah lame x bermonolog dalam hati mcm dulu2. After quite some time leaving ENERGY alone, there were so many great things happened/occured in my life. Sbb so many great things, Saye kena pick yg sesuai utk dikongsi dengan segenap lapisan masyarakat. iaitu:

1) Saye konvo ahad lepas! (8 aug, 2010). I'm so happy that some of my friends and family successfully made it that day. Hari tersebut menjadi bertambah berseri2 dgn kehadiran (dan hadiah2) mereka!  I love uolz!

2) I joined this training..called CATT training under MOHE. It was awesome and whacked! saye suke trainers and trainees, activities, rules..kesemua2nya.. xdpt nak huraikan one by If u are IPTA products of 2009/2010 do enrol ok. discover yourself through this whole 5days journey!

Dear Ya Almighty,
You give me failures to test me, To strenghten my faith in myself and to be strong. I believe You have a tremendous plan for me. So I hereby asking myself, don't give up. Ya Allah, please granted the prayers of hamba yang hina ini . amin~


  1. pha, happy fasting! and congrats for graduating!

  2. thanks nadia dear..happy fasting to u too..miss your giggles and stories!

  3. yahoo, jinggu~~~ but bb nak gi sarawak!

  4. HAhaha.. bb org nak kja kat kl la b ( - . - '