Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been awhile since I keep my mouth/head/hands shut off this blog. I still love telling stories but lately I must admit I've been such a bad writer. Due to the busy schedule of working and the extension of sleeping hours. So, I spend less hour in cyber world. So here I am again to give some updates about what happen recently in my life.
-I am so happy with work. I've got a lot of awesome/caring/happy-go-lucky friends. even I've lost one (in working place) but sue darling, ure always have a place in my heart :) goodluck in ur future undertakings
-as for other things, I can't elaborate here. It's too hard to explain. I don't like to play around. So take me seriously *tiba2 kan*
-Seriously need to do the S.O.P cepat2 as the due date is just around the corner. I love thinking but to do the typing, I need a typewriter! as a pioneer for the terminal we have to come up with our own fresh ideas. excites me!
-I hope Allah will grant my wishes and smoothen my journey. I'm so sorry for being such a bad slave. I know I am not good enough to ask anything from U.
-I miss my mom! And I got a news for her!

thats all folks! have a nice day!

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