Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 It may be not be a classy job of all, But ..to gain experience and bulding up confidence, I think this could be a pre-training.  To be honest it ain't easy, at all! Especially when u have to sell em door to door! went up and down the stairs really enhance my backpain that i already had few days back.

To knock the door and bagi salam to every room with the same voice.. could caused sorethroat and yet, to pursuade em to buy the dogs with the same dialogue.. I must be a tape-recorder! and plus, to carry all the hotdogs with ur shoulder (it's like a bag that u put on the neck or shoulder) must be whacky! plus yesterday was raining..not to mention, HEAVILY :( sigh.. Thats what Erin and I did Smlm, another :( pleaseee...

The hotdogs were all wet and we had to wipe em off and forgot pulak! we had to bagi flyers too! my gosh..can u imagine a person carry and do all those things! I can..sbb kna buat kan. tp best jugee sbb we managed to sell a lot! and make lotsa Ringgit for the boss and co. we got compliments too! yeehoo! nasibaik sell in UKM je..if not i can die mehh! we menjual at our 1st target iaitu, pendeta zaba college :) kolej Zaba is like China.. big in size and population ^^.. sila penetrate..like now!

Yesterday was my very 1st day and 1st time of direct selling. Hope today would be much much better.. and easier! 3 days more to go~~dewhsdewh..btw, thanks to all customer especially for the smile. my tiredness was consuming up by the smile and good treatment they gave. so the lesson here, (for me) jgn masam2 and cakap kasar2 with org ketuk pintu untuk jual. they wont harm, they just wanna sell :)

another signing off from HNL!


  1. n klau nak chat box kat cni ok. ;*

  2. felly nati syifa jwb ye..syifa nie auntie btol kan..out dated btol.. syifa da wat cbox! big thanks to u darla!

    shahrin..the price is RM 2. from Aym A1. but kteorg x boleh pegi door-to-door to boy punya blok. if shahrin nak , we can negotiate how okie :) maybe today still kat zaaba!