Thursday, April 1, 2010


Okie, dengan officiallynye I am no longer the hotdog seller. I thought today would be my last day, but again.. it has been cancelled. due to some mysterious reason ..haish..miss nak jual2! direct selling mmg annoying but best giler once u ve tried.

Sbnrnye mlm nie nak nag about my thesis. I semakin confuse la.. between mundel-fleming approach or absorption approach? mls nye nak buat research.. due date is just around the corner. heart cannot stop pumping (alhamdullillah) but the quite..hmm.. SPEEDY! menyesal nak mam mam buat about fiscal financing punya hubungan dengan foreign exchange nie. x seronok..sanggat!

And today, I also have giving up. I'm gonna take TL form and bagi mr beloved Prof mansor to sign and approved my kelewatan to submit the thesis. sungguh menyampahkan! white flag,white flag... I hate this term..nape hang wujud?

So tomorrow I have to be very studious in order to finish suku thesis.. maybe re-edit some part before leaving UKM. sbb next week da study leave! maybe going back home but akan frequently balik UKM.

btw tadi I watched theatre with miss DD :) it was fine.. love the confidence! bagus lah 1st and 2nd year nie! way to go!

that pretty much about today and tonight. tomorrow is another story to be told :)


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