Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Once in awhile I need Extreme Mocha beloved :) comforting and make me taste its coldness in a warm gentle way.. sweet but slightly bitter.. milky but chocolatey and perfected by strong coffee essence..Taste like it, is a taste like no other. must get it at least before this saturday! yummies!

I couldn't find mocha so here is the picture of its sister, latte !
"Oreo is my past, mocha is my present and now"


  1. jdik gle la ko pa mnum byk sgt kafein.....- lg selang st blik...

  2. x la..mane ckp kalau kta x amek kafein byk2 br gle...abis la ko rog!

    cik slg satu bilik sok gerak sameeeee (^.^)/

  3. hahhhaaa...plk dh...xnkla aku grk sm dgn nk jln sm dgn ko je...keh2...

  4. gegeg..kta berenang same2 rog!aku segan la nak jln..bju aku cam datin..hui hui