Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Feeling full doesn't necessarily make u happy actually. I just finished stuffing food into my stomach but still I don't feel anything. Different than usual cause food has always been my fav subject of all! hurggh..again, I feel it, the sense of fear conquering every inch of my heart.*gulp*

I woke up this morning (sadly I don't feel like P.diddy) *sambung* with worries and gloominess. Counting the remaining days of me being here,as a UKM student. I may not be the perfect nerd-ish one but I think I did okay, overall.. yeah my performance macam acceptable juge lah , okie x malu for rating diri sendiri :D  Suddenly I kinda miss the atmosphere, the friends, the class, the fac, the ups and downs,  the trips, the fun, the sad, the fall and rise, the gossips, when i walk to the class with my fav baju kurung yang dah buruk, when I received a msg from friends asking 'where are you? kelas dah nak start" or "datang tak kelas?" gosh! I love UKM. I love being a student! now I believe and apply the word *we will appreciate great things when it's gone* .dewhh

Now only 2 weeks left, and then I ll meet finals..and and whats next? UKM will set me free! apa nak buat, I can't hold that student title forever kan? I have to be independent. meet real people in  the real world. real people is nothing similar to the world I'm in right now. here are some of my view of real world @ people: Some's nice. some's mean, some's predictable, some's moody, some's judgemental, some's materialistic, some's cocky,some's optimistic, some's pessimistic, some likes us, some hates us and mcm2 some lagi! (just to make sure it rhymes!)

Being mere strong is not enough. We have to keep our mind open. If people tackles your leg and makes you fall on the ground, rise back with no regrets. laugh it off and start over but with new sheet of chapter :) Life is great, we got company, we are never alone, we have God to believe in, we have faith our family put in us, we have friends to lean on, we have money to spend, we have food to eat, we have water to drink and doing laundry, we have book to read, we have words to spell, we have phone to call, we have bus to ride and KL sentral to transit (WTF) & we have everything that we don't even know its existence!

It just the matter of time. clock is ticking, I'm still here, bila thesis nak bergerak ni wahai syifa'? tepuk dada tanya selera.

why am 1 so lazy? it's not even a question, it's a statement.
keep up seems the hardest part in my jungle of life right now.
pressure is okay, it makes/keeps me awake

Ya Almighty, help me through this journey.. lend me some strenght and smoothen my journey. Amin~

he grows beard,
why am 1 so weird,
is it because u've been fired?,
oh no! maybe because I'm tired.

UKM, dengan ini I ll be missing you ! eventhough I am not ready yet..but syifa! please grow up..tolonglah, tapi tang suara cheq tak taw nak wat lagu shut up!haha

actually there's a lot more to discard from my brain to this tiny pony blog.. but time is money man! gotta catch up with my nap-time  before going back to Gombak :) yes, Officially I have a place called home again! see you mamito and abg!

HNL's signing off!

P.S-I miss u Muizz zainuddin! balik copat skit..ponat den tggu ni aaa


  1. omg u dah nak habis belajar dah?!!! im like looonggg way to go man. gila.
    best gila u. haha

  2. ajan! i thought i like being in this position.but bila da final year rasa cam x ready okie! hummph!

    btw..goodluck ajan! school is awesome! whee!

  3. bb, kalau leh balik tiap ari ulang alik, cam bangi semban kan piu.. miss u every single sec

  4. hee tu la piung2..kan best kalau ada tren dr sini ke korea..sonang idop,hii miss you much!!