Friday, March 26, 2010


Okie, siang td I went to career fair hosted by JobMsia at Cyberjaya. It was really useful and helpful especially for 3rd year studenista and job-seeker. yang menariknya, Matahari hari ini sangat hebat memancarkan cahayanya menembusi my skin lantas menjadikan i cacing kepanasan dan kelenjar peluh mula mengeluarkan air masin Niagara Falls dari epidermis i. Now I know..cari kerja ain't easy.dah la pki heels okie! azab yg amat! LESSON NO 1 :)


Our PM also there to launch the event. But I didn't join the launching, I had some job-hunting to do. Yes mission must comes 1st! So masa tgh jalan2 tu adalah beberapa company yang telah menarik hati. So i registered for MAS as management trainee, GCH for management trainee which the salary is quiet attractive, FELDA for management trainee (the place where i met my old fren back in matrix, doing his intership there..hope he could help me though) wink wink and the last one was SCICOM as management trainee. I prefer to be trained before start working. from the very based to the very max ala-ala camtu. and and  I believe in that :)  LESSON NO 2.

Kemudian...Fiza and I berjalan-jalan lagi..kami ke seluruh tempat even dah round yg kedua just to ensure we didn't miss great oppurtunity :) suddenly we were approached by a very tall pan-asian looking guy from ministry of security @ MOS..i was like okie!!!i mean in cooler version but in uncencored version mcm..bapaaakk laahhh!!!

He said they don't have booth because he is the one yg akan choose the right person yg qualified for the interview on tomorrow and saturday, i was like again, yay!That's why he kept wandering around the place. he gave his biz card and start blah-ing...pause and..

I was being cheesy and  asked him, Mr. what is the specific requirement for the recruitment? he replied in a very curteous way ************  [confidential]. Afterall, This job is quiet interesting and a bit challenging because as a female working in a security force for VVIP is quiet a taboo (for malay culture)  and risky. But at the same time it  would be a great platform in order to get more exposure  in corporate world. As it always been my dream to get involved in this dirty biznes baby! but yeaah..mamito mesti akan geleng2 kepala and saying no no..carik kerja lain usual me: okie dokie mami. hangat2 tahi je saya nie ^.^

Then after clock stops at 430 we all ready to hop in the bus and ride home ke mana lagi..UKM destinasi ku la..amat letih i tell you okie! but really worth it. I get to know more about job selection and just consider this as a pre-interview for me. 

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Tomorrow's To-do list:
1) continue thesis
2) replacement class
3)swimming if cuaca baik
3)go back to gombak!

gotta hit the sackoo!

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caption: My imagination while writing this entry. very exaggeratting btul!

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