Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have a cookie heart when I feel happy, But when I am not.. maybe something more like err salad with no toppings..hihi

Today was quiet a big day for me. But I've lost my cool and I blew off that chance. Even IT is not my ultimate desire, But I'd be happy enough if  I could amaze them with 'playing more words'. I need more practice. At least I've tried instead of chicken-out. Even the result may not be pretty
(actually never end something with A negative statement, I broke the code of etiquette!) :D

Maybe-Beneficial Trivia (s):

1. Kekurangan cahaya merupakan sebab kenapa 8 million wanita hilang mood.

Explaination: Brain needs light to produce happy feelings from serotonin. So girls (and yeah me) go soak up the sun! (okok boys too!)

and and listen to this one all u caffein consumers!-

2. Pengambilan kafein akan memberi kesan cepat kepada tubuh anda, which takes about few minutes only, so if u take more than 250 (mg) caffein in 2 hours, your body will actively produce stress hormone which eventually will accelerate your heart beat and enhance your blood pressure yang akan menyebabkan anda tidak boleh tidur malam

Tips: kawal pengambilan after 3 PM

On My Defence, it's okay to have caffein in our daily menu. Just don't double-up the (mg).

Somehow, when your heart beats faster than the usual, it gives u a feeling such as..yup, excited! now.. that's FUN!

am still not okay, not in the mood of picking up phone nor talking :(

lousy day, lousy day,
please go go away

maybe a cup of coffee/expresso will do :)


  1. bad dreams bad dreams go away,
    good dreams good dreams here to stay...
    make it 3 times for it to work!=)
    always dream ahead..
    dream always always help..=)
    let bygone be bygone syifa..
    things happen, learn from it..
    be strong! i love u!

  2. aawww! thats weally2 sweet femot! yeah2 move on and dream another dreams :)sweet or nitemare aren't a big-o-deal! yg pnting.. yes ure rite! learn from it! love you more felly candy!muaxxx