Wednesday, March 10, 2010


They are usually someone at your back (got ur back)

Learn to accept others' faults? okay, I used to second that during my primary and secondary but now in tertiary..I shall say, If  you really- really can't put up with others' faults or weaknesses and it affects Your dear life..better take 100 metres away from that particular person.

They are two types of friends. First with one-faced and the other one, is something more like Joker. They got both sides of nice and the face of the devil. The problem is when this Joker started to spread their negativities to others. (Sungguh melemaskan jika ini berlaku)

Another traits of Joker is they tend to focus on others' weakness..explaination for that..Personally i think they just hate people do the same thing to them. which is, people tend to focus on their faults. So to cover the lacking, they find something negative about others and spread the germs and always carik more squad to support em because they just can't simply walk alone. Maybe they just Lack of confidence and afraid of being alone.

THE ADVICE-stop being nosy and sad fact about Joker is people tend to hate em eventually and yes negativities dominating most of their brain cells..ish ish ish :)


  1. aku ni jnis yg mn st pa?hahhaha- selang st blik...

  2. ko tade jnis rog :) ko ngn loli due2 alien..hehehhe