Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm gonna prezie-hunting with my dear friend, Aja @ Midvalley today :) actually it's for her lil sis's bday. Since I don't own a sis, so I just accompany my friend and assist her on choosing which is which. 

and and .. I already watch Alice In Wonderland . I do wonder why I never had that kind of fantasy. I could've be a billionaire for now, it was amazing. Go alice! (go watch it in 3d, worth watching, lotsa colourful scenes! !


  1. nak tgk alice....uhukkk
    tp tak sempat ag

  2. tape yang. if ko nak aku teman tgk 3D pun aku sggup. sbb that day aku tgk biasa punya je :)