Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday I went to KLCC with miss mimie hanna. She is unbeliveably-fun-tastic to be with!betul! first, just like any couple will do (but we r straight) We went for a movie called NINE (was an awesome movie :) seriously guys..the dance is HIP!and yes, the cast too) yummie! okay, enough! and it was so damn cold inside the hall. I could count with my hand how many people were in there, (sangat sikit) and we were sitting in the middle pulak. kan rasa macam VVIP. end.

After finished the movie, we went san-francisco*ing and had some hazelnut coffee (me) and choc ice blended (her) and chitchating like non-stop. okie, u know when girls start to talk, they forgot where they were and thought everyone wasn't listening even the pitch kinda quiet high.and yeah the speed too..tend to get, SPEEDY! actually not every topic can turn me on like that..only the juicy ones..u know, thats what we good at. enough!after the gossip session ended we straight away went to kinokuniya for free-reading magz. teehee :D that tactic is for those who still wants -to- keep -up -but- less -money -in -the -purse. i know, u re welcome!

post moterm for semalam-
1) so great to see her, we managed to fuel up our freetime and say R.I.P to boredom :)
2) its good to finally see you (klcc) again after a long coffeellion time! (i used to go there to de-stress) and it still works.
3) it such a nice feeling to feel like you belong with someone and the place
4)kesimpulannya, yesterday was totally a therapy for me. thanks mimie the great!

       "friends are like remedy for intangible diseases..boredom, sadness, loneliness"

you name it

bearbear hugs!