Sunday, March 28, 2010


Lately my heart's pounding and lying.. I wonder why oh why.. it ain't lying..but it just keep denying.
I wish it is not true..but yeah it does..I miss you..and again it's a taboo

We are so outta reach. all left here are memories.. I wonder if you still regconize me.. I hope this feeling is temporary

why suddenly it appears again.. after years and years of misfortune story
ego ego, please do win this.. Pride is only my ultimate trader to this..
I wish I could label it ..I hope I could depend on it

sigh oh sigh..why oh why..
time oh time..can't I just pause and rewind?

I am not confuse, am abused by my un-static heart.
i just wish that I could sense you with my ears. or use my sense to sniff your presence 
or my eye sight to know you're standing there, or taste your favourite food again?


thats all folks!

even sounds very unfinish.. thats all because of my main idea is to put some suspense flavour in it :)

naahh..i just hafta sleep early. tomorrow is not another same routine.
at least slightly diff :)

going to low yat with mama and abg.
spend spend time with both of em.
love love today and tomorrow :)
heart still not fully-rocovered.

Syifa' means penawar. But I can't even heal me. dewhdewhs

HeartNeverLies's signing off!

The perfect image of  resting. Relax, lay down and smile.

Have a great weekends though!


P.S- I admit that i ve no sense of colour and very disorganize..especially when it comes to writing. can judge by the allignment. it's like EVERYWHERE! heehoohheehhoo!!


  1. yang..awat x buat chat box??
    nway ak da f0llow..

  2. nyah ajar nyah..aku tak weti apa2 pun.aku nak wat chatbox ngn traffic tu skali..hee!nati aku nuntut ngn ko ek.thanks follow.i know u love me!