Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They hate Our country

Am very laissez faire when it comes to writing.. I jot down whatever I feel and what I think even not entirely.
I feel like this time I need to voice out my thoughts especially about those who hated Malaysia. Gosh! They even have fan page on facebook for hating Malaysia. Which is damn sad. Glad I found out before it's too late. (plus I only own one citizenship) if you get what I mean.. ye, tolonglah phm!

It becomes more sad  'apabila melihatkan anak muda yg sepatutnya menjadi pelapis just know how to have fun @ ghairah berparti and live life like a hollywood star while other country moves beyond us rapidly'  kalau slowly tu tak apa juga. I know right, syifa started nagging. dewhh.. But sgt suprise bila fan page yg benci Malaysia ni berani make that page visible @ public so everyone can join. Can u tell how many people have joined that? more than 400,000 okieeeeeeee!!! I believe it will grow more and more..yes and I speak fact too ^.^.^

I wont mention which citizen created that f-ing fan page cuz I can still think rationally. Even anger has spread all over me, but mantain lah kan. 'Islam cakap sabar separuh daripada Iman and Org yg tahan marah adalah org yg kuat'. I suggest Malaysia kena ubah dasar for X-generation (including me) not just focus on developing social skills or copying other brand to excel je.. But Pertahanan is the IT thing. Itu penting.

National service je x cukup. There's a lot more to nurture inside and beneath us.  Strengthen our nation security, aware of outside world instead of goofing around  and focus on development secara keseluruhannya.  invest more money for human-development instead of physical investment aje

Tgklah kita kat mana skarang compare to the WORLD:

 Frontpage of our nation paper bertajuk patutkah artis dijadikan ikon? while other country is busy with their economics remedial programs headlines. Isn't that a shame? my gosh! malu gile kot! 

we need to move on or we will perish by globalisation and liberalisation! (as in metaphore)


  1. kenape ek jd mcm tu...teruk la..bersyukur la malaysia ni masih aman damai kan??..

  2. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&ref=mf&gid=68311750529

    I am not sure girl..but u can view this group for more info. Kita kena hati2..because we are smaller in size compare to them. they have more population and natural sources than us. thats not a good sign afterall

  3. pa...bnyk gak ko menaip ni..hehe..gud2..keepitup...-jiran sblh...

  4. aku baru pasan ko komen roggie. aku mmg rajin tulis sbb tade sape nak borak rog :(