Friday, April 30, 2010


My heart is pounding strangely. As I inhale, the rythmic pound will pause for awhile and after a few secs The heart will pound harder. Faster than usual and the feeling is nothing great. I feel like grey clouds on top of my head  covered everythings up. hardly for me to think straight. I'm sorry for the whine. But I'm in the need of being honest. I can talk to someone...if I wanted to..but when it comes to words, I'm not good at expressing them in order to depict my feelings. Cuz when I write, I feel calm. More calm. I speak too fast, I speak and I don't think. feel stupified. Tonight, I can feel the wind blows gracefully through my face, the mixture of the tears and the wind generate quite a few feelings.I feel relieved but lonely. I am scared but I am strong. It's courage that I'm longing for. 


  1. talking helps, just don't divulge to much, sometimes a little pain may come as strong motivation to get whatever that needs to be done.

    it may also be the weather, rain rain go away come again another day ;P

  2. baby..kalau boring2 tu , bace quran piu.. stat jom piu ngan org..

  3. @johnnyrotten-yup..agreed. but I am the type who has some difficulties in order to express my feelings via verbal communications.just like the statemnt above..I feel calm when i write :)anyhoo,thanks!

    biu!! mana ada boring la..atas nie tgh sedih.. pjg ctenye. okie dokie.good stepp biu! inshaAllah org baca juga.