Sunday, April 18, 2010


Again, I cannot re-sleep after gettin up for subuh. as usual when I cant sleep then I ll crap-talking :) 
Actually I think/am sure that I've transformed a bit-not-it's-a-lot! I mean, reached the 20's.. I ve changed physically and mentally too. to be honest I hate changing la.. maybe I can't get used to it yet..hope so. Physically change that I can detect of course, my teeth getting bigger that when I smile it can be soOOO notice-able and it damn hideous man! my bones pun membesar lately. that one of my friend said that, hey kalau aku tgk ko dari blakang..aku ingat ko nie lelaki rambut pjg.dem dem..

It makes me so awkward standing beside people with same chromosome. cuz I feel big and lebar! while they are tiny (they're normal, I am not!) And and yang paling dibenci oleh kaum hawa of cheeks! chubbier pastu dulu if makan banyak senang turun. now makan sikit cepat naik! x seronok laaa!I admit my nature is that am a sweet tooth. so it's hard for me to restrain myself from eating those that can lead to diabetes. hope I could reduce it. and mentally transformation would be... I get more sensitive and emotional. ee! boringlahh! janji x sukee! if dulu I always take something easily but now seriously! x seronokkk! sbb mudah terasa even small stuff! to be honest, I'm just 21 going on 22! hope it's normal..please say those are normal! or maybe I am out-of norm!I prefer the robot me! rather than human with full of emotion. it's torturing and makes you think negatively (ya,about something particularly)

btw I really hate abg yang buat air kat cafe. I am not fussy, but I wish nextime I would stand up for myself. ade ke saye mintak nescafe ais dia buat teh ais. I just realize after i taste it. it's not even 1st time. before this I request for teh o limau. he gave teh o. Because I suke byr awl br ambil air, so maksudnye I pay kan. teh tarik and teh o are cheaper than ape saye mintak. bukan nak sound cocky..but hey! every penny counts! stup*dnye! arahan tak dengar, buat kerja x fokus! u make me tanggung cost some more dah la saye x suka teh tarik and teh o! tu la..prasan hensem lagi!

I know berdosa mengata org and dia tak tau, but u long as I didnt mention sape, xpe la.. x mengaibkan dia pun. and if sebut pun..bukan org knal . one day if die buat hal lagi, I would say this straight to his face..abg cafe, jgn asyik nak prasan hensem je,tp kja awk hampeh! abiskan duet aku je! and tekak aku jge!bye! tgk kan da kate..i am so sensitive..I need to have the old me back..syifa dulu meh la masuk balik!
okie, da ngntukk..nak tdo! BYE BYE BLACKSHIP!