Monday, April 26, 2010


Okay ..I am not sure why I need to update this blog everyday..ok I will tell why but tomorrow.. instead of to kill excess time, I got another more relevant and defensive points. teehee :P yeah right, quick one konon.. 
*ahem* actually I ll be having my final paper tomorrow aka the very2 last one cuz this is my final sem at UKM =( sadness! move move..
okay, im taking a break for awhile as I feel tired  baca factual thingy, boring!mcm nak give up..but ragu2 esok whether saye akan dapat jwb dgn hati sronok ke hati sedih. saye x nak dan x suke yg kedua tu! I once terbaca one article about the happiest citizen in the world. guess negara mana?  ok aku je la jwb.. Denmark2! why this nordic country is at no 1.. why?? simple..because they live their life with less-expectation. So esok saye nak aplikasi dlm exam. less expectation leads to a better day and happy me(al) !! yes!
Btw saye tgh baca about crisis x?? mestilah best cume boring je..hurff! extra tips- nak cepat ingt kan korg makan buah kering yang manis aka kismis, kurma, prun etc. selain good for brain, its good for health and body kerana ia akan reduce radical bebas dlm badan anda. radical bebas tu la ye..saye nak hapal faktor2 jap..tata! Assalamualaikum. have a nice monday everyone!

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