Saturday, April 24, 2010


When mind, strenght and heart are not together,
One's body will perished by emotion,
Why cannot I be positive,
Why my body ain't listen to my sanity,
Why can't I fake my optimism,
To continue my patience and perseverence,
Why am I here writing this,
Why can't I control me,
Why all of sudden I feel weak,
To be honest, will I ever be able to discover the truth, 
Or there's no truth,
Life can you please stop the riddles for awhile,
Cuz I am a bit fragile today,
so I cannot guess the answer properly,
Bonda, your anakanda needs you now,
There's no place I could go or turn to here..this is so torturing,
Sanity versus emotions,
Sanity please ask emotions to leave me,
cuz you aren't the citizen of my kingdom,
I'd be relieve if you leave,
So don't tell me the vice versa
I cannot do this anymore


  1. nice one syifa!-nadia here.add my blog kat wordpress