Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today's entry is kinda personal sbb I'm gonna voice out my opinion (again). As a precaution do not read for those who cannot handle confrontation or may be allergic to it. Cuz it may contains..sarcasm and anything related to that.  

Ahad pagi lagi sedap nak membebel. gimme a chance ok..blame the exams! I got so stressed out :P Inspirations/the eagerness to write this appeared just right after I reached my room after food-hunting. This is true story anyway. lupe nak mention. ok start!I get so pissed-off dgn some people who got no manners towards org tua. aku allergic dgn2 bnde2 berkaitan dgn respect nie. I don't know who is this guy and which planet he came from.. But I feel like I wanna smash his face with nasi briyani..bagi pedih mate die!he's not supposed to talk rudely dengan org tua tu..sbb die muda..sangat! I thought at first he was sleepy because it was early in the morning right. Then this org tua asked for (something) cannot mention..kang org rude tu dapat dikesan oleh org2 UKM. pastu badi dtg kat aku. tak mahu! and then he answered mcm nak tanak senang cta ala2 nak mati. what a turn off!

 I was there to observe the  *soap opera* cuz I duwana accuse someone tanpa asas..then yg made me terkilan, came la this one guy with a suit, looks like somebody's coming! (maybe dlm hati laki rude tu jerit mcm nie) and maybe dia tu lecturer ke dato or tan sri I dun give a **** , tibe2! boleh jadi soft spoken ala2 tone ckp nak ayat awek. I was like..hey, *whatthefishcrap* discriminate and hypocryte btol! and the uncle tua tadi was maybe a gardener or something.. Mcm nak nangis cuz mase abg rude tu ckp kasaq2 kat dia, muka dia berubah expression. I can't tell whether he was sad or terkjot.. but maybe both!I hope Malaysian baik yang lain wont do this no morale thingy. Nampak sgt uncivilised ok. imagine if this happen to your datuk or pacik awk yang atas 50 tahun.. U all tahu kan, mereka ni da masuk golongan emas and extra-sensitive, respect. They'll pray something good for you in return.

Sekadar renungan-Bhs kita suka label org ikot pangkat..macam kalau org tu datuk or kaya2 skit mula lah panggil beliau ke or (u-know-what-i-bet) and bla2, mcm beliau mula menjadi kaya seawal umur 22 kalau timur tengah mcm Jepun or Korea or aku tak tau la korg bg suggestion.. no discrimination (correct me if im wrong) diorg label manusia ikot senioriti..kalau org tua penggunaan bhs dia lebih sopan dan santun.haa..mcm tu! I think thats why some of our people still hold that narrow perspective. hey, x global and x cool ok! til then..Do respect, don't discriminate, be curteous!

Syifa' U. aziz
and thats how u pronouce love =)