Thursday, April 15, 2010


I never feel this hard, today would be the hardest and ugliest paper ever. Equal to oh-so-loser-me-paper!

The Hardest Variables- Time Constraint. I think lecturer should enhance the time lenght, at least for next batch. cuz, for 12 questions and got sub-questions which involve calculation and sketching curves.. nodding yeah, totally kena naik kan masa..otherwise mmg bungkus!at least 3 hours. not 2 H's and 15 M's!mmg very the very insufficient!

The Ugliest Variables-my condition in the exam hall! I was as usual pretty confident in the beginning and gradually deteriorates as the time slowly reach the ending. I was so freaking hungry. I barely think of any. I need energy to process and transmit infos from my brain to the paper. haihh..and one more! the announcer! Could you please do not make the announcement like thrice something??we heard you! just lose the mic boleh,
totally distracted my thinking digestion!

 haihh..da la saye lapar td, sejuk lagi, nak pulas kepale @ idea lagi..honestly, this subject mmg da dicurse oleh  our mantan batch before. but I never let it get in my way. cuz I'm so into this subject! Ohhhh options and future exchange market, I would never give up on u! eventhough I think u already jeopardize my pointer!

*Ahem* actually.. I feel a lil childish here,blame pretty much everything @ everyone while the real defendant is me :) plaintif is me juge.. 1 man show :) I left about 3 questions that cost quite big marks. damn sad when u leave the answer, but u know what the answers were.. I was too tired to think, to write, to calculate, all I could think of, was to get myself out and eat high-sugar-based food and I need Sun! (even that time already sunset)

tape la, hate the paper.. don't hate the subject.. 1 down, 2 more to go!!! sepak goal td tak dapat, so we wait for another goal to score.. make sure kalau dapat penalti, bagi masuk okie! go me!

so, say temporary full stop to exams story.. *ahem*
Recently,the term Energy really fascinates me. I used to watch A video on youtube called The Arrivals. that said Everything Is Energy, Energy Is Everything.. mase tu ada tunjuk some process which I am not sure what that was. if nak tau tgklah The Arrivals episode 1! hee..and because of that, I Change my blog title... TeeHee!

oh kie, esok no paper. Time to proceed my thesis. Wish myself luck!


Waving bye bye * spirit fingers! (haha, such a cheerleader wanna-be-NOT!)

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