Wednesday, April 7, 2010


love/ befriend with someone because of who they are and not what they have :)
 no one will get hurt then.
that makes world a better place to live in 

hye againn!!! actually terpanggil untuk tulis blog lagi selepas membaca blog my sweet fren, Felly..about true fren. (macik awk telah inspire saye laa)
 actually im gonna write something very general. cuz, hmm.. general is the best to conclude every situation without any harm.

I used to be in one position when i feel used, losing my bestfren/frens/morethanfrens, using someone (but I give something as a token of appreciation),backstabbed, backstab attempt but tak jadi because takut karma and x sampai hati,kwn tukar plan saat2 akhir and i was the one yang tukar..etc.. bila dirumuskan balik.. none of em..I was plan to do or to be.. now all those things have tought and create/mould who i am today, what i believe in, who i am going to put my faith into, what characteristic i should avoid and blah blah. Ive learnt and forget a lot. but some really leave footprints on my heart. so does friends. the real one remains in my mind and heart for good. the acid and parasit ones.. will be a lesson to learn.

appreciate your time with family/frens/loveones-sometimes they might stay, some just dissapear by time and space 

i experience both :)
somehow i just miss em


  1. yep.. so true..
    is it so hard okeh..
    cm u shared something with someone n u really thought it would never end..
    it just weird..
    heart u darling..
    at least i can hope that bad things would never happened to us.. Insya Allah..=)

    go away okay bad things..

  2. btul3.. dun weri ya felly dearie. bad things only 4 temporary. good things are forever! kalau pk2 mmg btol pun quote nie. dun weri insyaallah u guys will be back to normal. amin~ heart heart heart u!!!!:P