Friday, April 23, 2010


Dear blog, I can't study anymore.. I'm so physically and mentally exhausted.
2 chapters more to go :( I cannot push myself any longer
I supposedly getting myself ready for bed
Tomorrow.. 830 am I ll face another paper entitled "Isu-Isu Ekonomi"
You are.. as interesting as my 1st attendance to the class
But I'm willpower has reach its limit. 
I need to close you Miss Buku.
Dear myself, I'm sorry.. I may let you down esok. 

Ya Almighty, please help me endure tomorrow smoothly and please lend me an abundant of energy so I could fight better in the exam-battlefield :'(

p.s-kenape kalau kite letih kite tak ade mood, kite letih je bukan sedih..mcm tak ade relation pun.
bye! assalamualaikum

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