Saturday, May 8, 2010


OMG!!!-Intentionally promoting Usher's new song called OMG feat. (ok tipu!). I was born as someone who's always left-behind when it comes to teen phenomenon. Just consider that I'm too lazy to keep up with trend, on my defence.. it keeps on changing, rapidly pulak tu. Such a waste of feeling/time though. BUT! I'm a loyal fan. Once a fan, it remains forever..well depends actually, just nak buat ayt poyo.I'm pretty sure that everybody is familiar with Hilary Duff kan..I was once the ultimate watcher of Lizzie Mcguire that I didn't even mind if I watched the same episode for 10 times! AST** suke ulang banyak kali!!! 

Ok,so how to relate 1st paragraph with the 2nd? hmm.. I'm not a GG fan but I did watch the phenomenon series..But still not a fan..But but! I just found out the 3rd season could be the start of something different!kinda get the feeling that I'mma be one of the fans either! yes, just because Hilary Duff did some cameo in that series.. I'm not sure lama ke tak apperance dia.. according to Mr.Heartbeat tak lama sgt.  but still goin to watch! yahay! So, presenting *drumrolls* hils with her interview on joining the GG team! yeah,I know..I'm so outdated!

tata for now! look like I've had stalk enough :P kissing off!


  1. tu la..muizz ckp skejap je..she dated dan! omg!! but i still prefer chuck bass..ohh..chuck bass! sebot name pun da..aaahwww!! wheee