Monday, May 17, 2010


WHAT TYPE OF LEADER ARE YOU? put that answer on hold..or answer it in your heart, you know yourself the best than others. Are you Mahatma Gandhi , Nelson Mandela Or Nazi? The similarity between these 3 are of course, all of them are iconic LEADERS but it just their style of leadership are different. Personally I'm so touched by what Mahatma Gandhi had contribute to the world and made such a big impact on people's life. That's the real meaning of leadership to me. Yes! Impact on others..because leader usually thinks in terms of result. And leader always put rakyat on top as their priority and sacred sacrifice, is never a think-twice action. Gandhi used to be a lawyer, He divulged negotiations rather than violence, he wanted people to merge as one regardless our religions/faith, geography, ethnicity, orientation etc. A not-so-big Guy with a really-big heart was a guy in everyone's life that I truly sincerely adore!

Before this end, extrovert has always been labelled as a good leader meanwhile an introvert more to negative side..But actually leadership is like a symphony. 'symphony is important to all leaders but quiet leaders might have an edge because they do more listening and therefore they might get a better and more information. Be a leader and not a boss. A leader's advantages are being able to make our voice heard and soldier on! :)

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