Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday was quite a remedy to me.. :) went karaoke-ing with two of my coursemates..it is such a good way to de-stress..by stressing out your throat and stomach just to reach high notes..*blink-blink* try ok!And now here I am again, in the library with slightly different mood than yesterday. kalau semalam saye gile hari ni..lagi gilest! saye ber-dating dgn Thesis dr petang td smpi petang ini..ok actually nak tunjuk betapa kejap nye ktoerg hang out same2..tapi I da rase bahang2 bored ngn u.. u make me sleepy and dizzy2 lalat. nasibaik bakery is just around the corner..after a few sip of white coffee..trus I hyper and active so jadilah Hyperactive..luckily tak ADHD. not funny syif..moveeeeeee..

and tomorrow another pressure's coming! yay! I got an interview at Bukit bintang,royale hotel  at 1330 from a quite well-known bank..so torturing because interview tersebut tak ubah mcm finals! dem! kteorg ade essay sume siap..tggl nak bagi pointer je..which is equal to recruitment process. hope essay itu berkenaan dengan benda2 logik..kalau x logik, I'll sleep and be rebellious..kidding.ttp jawab..tapi merapu.jgn ko suruh viva pulak lepas tu..mmg sah saye jadi statue of liberty je kat depan.I don't care what will happen tomorrow..but today I ll say bring it on! yeaaa..mmg esok saye akan jadi kecut.. muke jadi nerd..sume lengkap. RABU, don't give me a bad day ok. Cuz I lahir hari rabu la rabu..I know u re going to obey me.. BAIKKKK...! ok love, nak sambung karangan.. assalamualaikum..tc all!

tgk la sape pelapis celine dion beb

Tata for now..Happy happy wednesday in advance!


  1. syifa, me was born on friday toooo!!!!!
    all the best macik! i know you can do it.. kem salam kat "bf baru" tu ok..
    walaupun die memeningkan, tp kne jage jugak..sungguh pathetic la die tu..
    ok its 2 am.. mmg merepek..haha..

  2. thanks feeellyyy!!! i was born on wed la darlie :) baby friday & baby weddy in the house! ok hon..already did..and en Thesis says hyeeee to u backk..felly sile tdo awl lain kali ok.goodluck for finals!million hugs