Friday, May 7, 2010


Kinda busy lately..not really..just making myself I wont feel bored and guitless towards miss Thesis. I'm in the library again!! I don't know why..But whenever I'm here,I'll acquire that mood..yup! that mood to write! I may not be the greatest blog-writer or someone who has most ideas of witty jokes..But this is me..I accept myself with an open arms! cut it off..blaah!

Actually I nak update about my interview that went well! I guess.. 1st time, I felt calm and managed not to lose my cool while talking. Thanks to miss Experience! U helped me alot! made some friends.. really cool people indeed! nice to talk with people who has various knowledge and thoughts. the interview consisted of 3 different level. each level has different difficulties and risks. 1st-low.. 2nd-moderate.. 3rd-u-know-i-know (high)

1st stage, I had to write an essay.choose only 1 question and answered within 15 mins.. one page kasik penuh ok? this stage, no one will be executed.So semua sila masuk stage 2.. stage 2, a bit hard kot. one-on-one interview. the interviewer asked me some questions. This part was to know what's your passion and which department they should place you.nervous kau! sbb this stage adalah proses elimination. So apalagi, I cerita la bagi hebat2 skit.. pasal hotdog sume..puji2 diri sket..tgn bagi gerak2 sket,so when I speak broken english dia x prasan..sbb tgn saye ligat bernari2. oh ye..he also asked me, syifa, why banking? -pleaseinsertcoinstoknowtheanswer- settle!

Then he said 'so Syifa, I'll place you at selling department ok'. lompat! berjaya proceed to the final stage..this part was risky. They asked details about yourself..and your goal..and your thesis too! damn! luckily I didn't lose it..still connected. She wanted to know what my research is all about and explain to her..this part was all about ujian minda. she gave me a paper. ada soalan.. 3 customers with diff backgrounds. It was about investment.If I were their  financial consultant, how did i recommend/advised those people to invest wisely in different investment instruments. she gave me 3mins to think..and yes, I hentam mengikut logik akal. 

So much for interview huh.. to all my friends who's actively looking for jobs..some tips to share:very cliche but hope it's helping and ini tak copy and paste dari yahoo! 1st, be yourself. don't be nervous, just relax..if you can't relax and be calm..find some friends to talk..don't forget to eat or bawak bekal makanan masa nak interview..takut u all lapa masa tunggu. bila lapa brain cells jadi malas..carbs is the best! pki baju yg nmpk formal and profesional..jgn pki sexy2 sgt (short skirt etc) and suar ketat (mcm skinnies) with kemeja. so ugly! cuz it would give negative perceptions from your interviewer. Lack of professionalism and tak tau dress code.. I saw some people that day yg pki mcm ni tak lepas.. kemas kan diri anda..ikatlah rambut anda yg wavy dan perang tu juga. oh yes, don't be cocky..mantain energetic even you already wait for like 2 hours.. smile authentically.. and introduce yourself even they don't ask.. be polite and stay focus..and byk lagi.. but I know u guys have your own strategies! goodluck! assalammualaikum!


  1. wa'alaikumussalam..
    syifa, apsal first tips tu cam knal je?
    "be yourself. don't be nervous, just relax"?
    yg ak comment sblom ko interview tu ke :P
    anyway, smoge ko dpt keje tu okeh!

  2. haha.. ye ye..time kasih..wpun aku x copy and paste dr aku copy dr ko..ko x de copyright kan, kang x pasal2 aku kne saman nati..tehee! thanks for the advice that day :P