Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Aphrodisiac? is just something I need to keep me energized and alertness booming! Gosh what the hell I'm crapping about..yesterday I submitted my full draft to DR. MJ. So today I feel kinda bored and lost direction as I don't know what to do in order to keep myself occupied. I wish there's a mall next to UKM and not to mention -ia adalah berjarak walking distance- I have to put it in my wishlist I love walking in the mall. no's not shopping-thing that matters. I'm not good at be honest..sometimes I don't even know what to buy.I have such a bad fashion sense and I only like free make-up stuffs. otherwise, I always consider those things aren't part of my needs. cheapskate syifa!

My fave places to go for this walking-in-the-mall would be KLCC and Alamanda. I just love the size which is not too big/complicated and the ambience and the smells too. It gives me such a calm feeling and I feel free like a bird. ok, what a metaphore! especially when I passed by coffee shops or donuts! the coffee-ish smell's so menenangkan and soothes my senses. yup2! i akan inhale dlm2 mase tu..and exhale! legaa.. That's what I always do whenever I feel so stress out or feeling depressed. Human nature, we can't never avoid those negativites but we can prevent them. walking is a therapy. even there's a research about it and proven, that it's good for our heath too.

I'm thinking of something really random today like How to be  1st class-minded, how do I look and behave if I wasn't a girl, What if chinese speaks Malay and Malay Speaks tamil and korean Speaks English and Japanese speaks Javanase? I mean as in their mothertongue languange.. and What if my dad still here.. haha..random right? GTG


  1. pe bnde yg ko mrepek pa yg prggan last tu...keh2..ku pinang2...ku bwk lari...

  2. haishh..gayahh! aku da hagak ni kja ko..hehe.. aku tunjuk prasaan..sbb ko same class ngn K bukan name sebenar.