Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome to adulthood!

Used to crap a lot about student life, now no more. I can't even construct a simple sentence anymore. I stop dreaming at night, don't have enough time to day-dream, to imagine, to monologue, to analyze, no more Channing Tatum's addiction etc. Been busy with stuffs like work,  events and maybe social life.

Nowadays, I begin to appreciate the spare time I have on weekends by meeting those VVIPs (in my life), just to catch up. Of course and yes, lately I've been receiving  a lot of wedding invitations including from my childhood best friend for 14 years - Cuki. Alhamdullillah everything went well. I had a great time with my high school groupie, the best part is none of us really changed. We just be us. No masks, we talked all night long til we fell asleep a night before Cuki's big day . I love em all. Honestly I can't wait for my turn, I am so ready to be a mom and a wife, marry me already! (ok x malu). I wish  -.-

Moving on, another adulthood related to marriage is yeah, having a baby. I am so proud of my friends who now not just a wife..but a mom to a cute baby. Congrats to all you (u know who u are and if only u read this lousy post). Honestly, they've already nailed their job as a woman kot. Being a mom? seriously..thats the stage I've always wanted to be!

For me, being busy is a choice. the path I choose for a reason. This is the time where I have an optimum opportunity and energy at the same time to do a lot of things i.e. to strategize how to achieve my target, to meet the deadline (of course), whats the convenient way to reach there, the basis of my milestone bla and bla. Actually I'm just talking about my wedding arrangement.  he he he..

Apa-apa pun, even I half-die missing my teenage-hood (broken gila I know), but one thing for sure..I am much more eager to see the next phase of my life! Cant wait cant wait..ok dewasanya.

Ill make sure this MAGICAL moment stuck in my head for life!

Cuki in her best dress, fearlessly posing with d love of her life. Congrats awk.
ok then, til my next post. Which I think maybe next year. Or lets just hope for some miracle to happen I know what to write. Useless blogger sungguh -.- Chiou!



  1. Hi Along. Thank you for dropping by. Amin :)

  2. hye pha..waaa...sape la lelaki bertuah tu...really bertauh dpt awk.. :)

  3. Syifaaa..

    Ur time will come soon! InsyAllah..
    My best to u.. and bila lah kita nak hangout kan?

  4. khalili- haha x de bertuahnya. kalau i ni handal memasak dan mengemas rumah tu baru bertuah.kiki

    cikmah!!!- cant wait for yours too! insyaAllah.. i dont know when.. but i already so excited about it (over sikit)

  5.'s ok lah...u may learn later..yg penting ikhals dari hati..semua pn bole jadi la dpt lepak dgn awk nie.. :) now awk dh x keje TBS..klo x bole gak jenguk2 .. :)