Thursday, August 2, 2012


Breathlessly gasping for more air, looking around and try to identify every sound surrounds the area I am in now. Facing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the next... Forcing the days to end quickly. Heart is aching and chaotic, finding its serenity that's no longer there.

Heart is tired, motivation works the least, memories conquers every spaces in my mind.

Wish so hard to own the time, So I could manipulate and reverse to the time when you were still there.

I miss you.


  1. in the very mesmerizing Ramadhan.. we sometimes and always shattered our tears when tinking of our loved ones..but on top of that, the loved ones was looking staring at us far beyond with full of bless so that we will always happy. Syifa, I like you n the way you wrote every inch of your thought n feelings deep inside. maybe I'm not at your state, but believe me, while reading ur words here, my tears shed without me notice it. :) may Allah grant you strenght n peaceful.


  2. Hi Cik Pah, its ok.. all those things that happened to u are just going to make u more stronger and wiser day after days..

    Take care.. and i miss u too! :)