Sunday, May 24, 2015

Which one is important? Words or Statements?

Communication has to be simple unless if you're conveying love, poeting or other emotional messages.. but maybe some people prefers information to be transmitted in a Shakespeare-way, then my post would not be applicable to you. I really don't get it when people is using too much metaphors or super long story-telling in communicating problems or assigning new tasks (at workplace mainly). In my opinion, the problem itself is already complicated, kindly simplify your words when explaining. Metaphor doesn't mitigate the seriousness of the problem and doesn't make you look much smarter than actuality Hence, stop the crap! Firstly, It's counter-productive - we won't wanna waste so much time listening to the crap until you state the real objective/intention of the story, secondly, human has a very limited attention-span, don't catalyse the limitedness with some fictions or classic metaphors and thirdly metaphor or story-telling invites speculation, people might interpret it wrongly. In workingsphere, practicality is the imperative fundamental of everything. So, go for direct communication, ditch the unnecessary bombastic words / philosophical metaphors and use that talent somewhere else!

I'm not totally against the "duo" cuz I am also one of the users but if we use it appropriately, we can have a better and effective communication in this world :) Toodles !

Temporal Finitism

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