Friday, April 8, 2011


Meroyan di petang hari dan sebelum pergi kerja *larrriii~*as usual aktiviti rasmi setiap hari adalah online dan terpanggil untuk mencoret di ruang sesawang ini. Today I don't wanna be deep or what, just go straight to the point.. - . - hurmm.. hurmm.. immaturity masih strong di dalam diri memaksa diri ku menjadi lemah kembali.. Dear mama/mamito/meehun/madam! I miss fact everyday.. urghh! When u miss someone endlessly like this..U feel like...shouting cuz sumpah it hurts so bad .How I wish I became I could defeat this thing..Oh no no no..emosi terluke serta minda yang diharapkan untuk memotivasikan diri.. one question..sampai bila?.......tet

Missing u mama,
The crying immature one!

P.S-sorry to annoy readers with repetitive subject of posting.. *waving poisely*


  1. cik pah, its okay.. so this blog could be the medium for u to spill out those feelings.. and to be honest u looked super hilarious in this picta..hohoho :P

  2. cik mah inilah yang akan terjadi kalau kita meroyan sebelum pgi kerja..i wish i could be strong..i know im strong enough when i see mum and daughter laughing together and i dun shed any tears :)

  3. uhuk2...actually, what with the weird face??but comey juga.....there is no doubt that ur face look close to ur beloved mother..there's is nothing wrong if u shed ur tears when u think of someone u ever love...hihi..keep on smiling yeee!!

  4. Actually it reminds me rather than annoys me with those postings. I wish to appreciate my mum much more while she's still breathing.