Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tomorrow I will work in the morning. Hope the day will be nice and smooth as it could get. 

::Dealing with customer or to be exact P.EOPLE is not as easy as I thought. Some strangers come towards you and yell.. because of something you never did.. or sometimes you don't even know the answer or how to solve the matter..beyond your expertise, smile all along.. forget your temper.. please them with good reasonable appropriately arranged words, hye! welcome to customer services. 

When you get sick or at least having a little flu, you will pray that you heal faster, not to entertain the feeling of being sick..why oh why? cuz you can't never sneeze while talking to customer or attending them with watery eyes/nose and even nosey voice is not allowed. You have to be presentable, efficient, proactive and always wear your smile :) now that sounds so fairytale! but it's so true..forget your tiredness.. Your physical and mental have to be fit! part of your job! and plus, you always have to know what to say.. of course...APPROPRIATELY!

Their problems are your jobs! When they forgot to collect things from the bus, defected toilet, passenger miss the bus, bus service fail to meet customer's satisfaction, routing, public transport, parking, elevator, student comes for research..omg! sounds so much for (JUST) external customer...what about internal ones? samee!always ensure they got the equality of services and have to please them all the time.. NO no don't get me wrong, this isn't about nagging of my job or whatt... Like can't you see..How blessing this job is? assisting OKU to buy bus ticket, entertain senior citizen (from simple chatting until assisting them to board the bus), be the map of lost foreigner, help a pregnant woman to bring their heavy bags..like...

OMAIGOSH! I am so happy Ya Almighty!I work and I get tired but I feel blessed and happy..just by receiving a simple thanks from customer..superb satisfaction! Entertaining big bosses, Press and media, foreigner, mental disorder guy (yes, i did), Government, business man, senior citizen, MALAYSIAN, pregnant woman and many many more..trust me! it helps me develop myself beautifully..even my BP is getting higher..but..I'm chill with that :) In one day, I would've met like ..EVERYONE!

Service industry is undoubtedly tiring, your weekends are our weekdays..when you're sleeping, we just started our shift, When you are enjoying the amenities in the building, we are busy to keep the facilities in a good condition.. But everyday is a reward to us.. Cuz your satisfaction is our achievement. Thanks to the crowd for being my remedy! ::

Tan Sri Hamid said, work is your ibadah. I agree!


  1. wowwiiii....such a lovely and veru motivated writing syifa..I love it.thanks to the all the customer service personnel out there also and you cause being so much helpfull..eh..long time not chat ya...i can't access twitter through my phone ....i don't know why..hmm..ehem3...new phone ha?kikikiki..tngah godek2 ke tu??

  2. haha..mane ade la uuu..hp lames jes! anyways, thx for reading my blog religiouly :) sgt appreciate.actually kita tulis nie nak naikkan balik spirit kita at the same time mcm reminder juge kan uuu :)

  3. osh..yes kes..hihi..anyway, late reply la dear..ape2 pn, u r most welcome as i do love readings x kira la ape pon..n thanks for the appreciation. u mmg betul...writing make us feel so mcuh freedom..always make us feeling more calm and at the same time increase our spirit to woke up tomorrow morning when the sun shine!! HEE...love ur writing...